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Dulwich-Centre-buildingDulwich Centre is an independent centre in Adelaide, Australia involved in narrative approaches to therapy and community work, training, publishing, supporting practitioners in different parts of the world, and co-hosting international conferences. So much has happened since Dulwich Centre first opened her doors in 1983! First, a way of working, ‘narrative approaches to counselling and community work’ has evolved, particularly inspired by the work of Michael White and David Epston. This way of working has now moved from being a marginal approach to one that is now considered a mainstream modality in many contexts. Second, a ‘community of ideas’ and a ‘community of practitioners’ has grown in different parts of the world. This community is linked in many ways – through ideas and practices, through the written word (journals and books), through Narrative Connections and other websites and e-lists, and through workshops andconferences. So many people have contributed to these developments in different ways.

The Michael White Archive

Michael White

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