Acts and stories of resistance by Murisi Mtsvanga-Moyo

This video explores stories of resistance of men whose lives are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The video seeks to capture and magnify acts of resistance that these men have taken or are constantly taking against drugs and alcohol.

This co-research is influenced by Michel White’s view that no one is a passive recipient of hardship. The men I work with may be ‘captives’ of drugs and alcohol but they are not passive recipients. Collaboratively we seek to bring to awareness the many precious acts and stories of resistance that the men are taking now or have been taking all along.

This is part of on going co-research work of exposing, strengthening and magnifying acts of defiance being taken by the men against what drugs and alcohol would have them do. Highlighting stories of resistance and survival can be empowering to the men and also be a source of hope, bringing new zeal for a life free from drugs and alcohol. I look forward to feedback and comments that can contribute to this work.

I work at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. I also run a soup kitchen for the homeless. Narrative ideas have greatly enriched my life and the relationship I have with the people I work with.

Published March 18, 2016

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    Annette Dudley

    Thank you Murisi, I want to thank you for your respectful honoring of the community that you work in, the people that you work with, the students who were with you on your learning journey (myself included). “If we know what our values are we have hope” – this resonated with me because it made me think about what my intentions in life are for myself. In my work I’m thinking about the actions of resistance that clients take to protect the values that they stand for.

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    Kay Lavender

    Thanks Murisi, it sounds like effective work. It has me thinking about my positioning when working with people who are having a difficult relationship with drugs and alchohol and helping to make visible acts of resistance. Cheers.

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