Conversations on the Fringe of Faith by Robyn Brown-Hewitt

What if God is the problem? One story that can help us find meaning and shape our values is our faith story. But what happens when our ideas about God (Godde, Creator, the Sacred, etc.) change and no longer align with our faith community or spiritual practice? Sparked by a specific event in the life of The United Church of Canada, Robyn Brown-Hewitt met with individuals negotiating the passage beyond belief; seeking to find a radically new preferred personal faith story; or simply exploring life on the uncharted fringe of faith. She found narrative practices to be very liberating and effective when offering counselling to fringe-dwellers. As indigenous Cree Elder and United Church minister, Rev. Stan McKay, has said, “Conversations and stories on the fringe lift up the possibility of perceiving things that might be lost in the protection of truth.” 

This video describes the following:
1. Context for the conversations; 
2. Developing ethics of practice;
3. Mapping effects and responses – the margin-in perspectives of fringe-dwellers.

Author biography
Robyn Brown-Hewitt (she/her/Rev) BA, MTS, MNTSW, is a narrative counsellor in private practice ( and with the Multifaith Services Office of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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    How refreshing to hear that faith views are being expanded and a sense of enquiry, as opposed to a blind following, is recognised in the new emerging paradigms.
    As an “inter-perspective” pastoral carer, this really interests me. Thankyou.

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