Chapter 8: Final Reflections


Final reflection

The final reflection is adapted from Alice Morgan’s article Beginning to Use a Narrative Approach in therapy.

This reflection is a practice reflection so it will be most valuable if you’ve had a chance to put some of the ideas from this course into practice if you hadn’t already:

  • Think about just one thing that has particularly resonated for you about queering narrative practices that you have been trying to apply more in your work.
  • What would you call the principle or idea? Give it a name. Say something about it – describe what it is about, your understandings of it in your own words.
  • Give some more details about it, e.g.: When did you first notice this idea or principle in the work? What told you that it was important to you?
  • What are you currently doing that you would say is a reflection of this particular idea, practice or principle? Say a little bit about the times you thought you had managed to apply the idea or principle to your own practice.
  • When you did it, what did you notice? How did it affect, for example:
    • The conversation you were engaging in at the time?
    • Your thoughts about yourself?
    • The other people who were with you?
    • Your hopes or plans?
    • Your feelings?
    • What was this like for you? Did you like it or not?
    • Did it suit you or not? Or something in between?
    • Why is it that you give this evaluation? What did it seem to fit with?

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