Welcome from your host: Tileah Drahm-Butler

Welcome from other First Nations Narrative Practitioners

Jonathan Morris:

Alberto Burgos:

Leonard Manuel:

Erica Lambert:


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  1. nileekas1226@gmail.com

    Wow! it’s a kind of warm welcome. I’m so exited to follow the course. At the moment I’m working as a social worker in a Aboriginal corporation and this course will definitely help me to work in this community.

  2. Sally

    Such a welcoming introduction, spoken from peoples hearts. I think therapy, being part of the theraputic process comes from passion, understanding, and listening to stories. I’m keen to hear more. Thank you

  3. Gina O'Neill

    Connections to all of us first nations people through stories is absolutely the way forward. A future of strength and mana for all of us creating a stronger story.

  4. Cynthy Reese

    Connecting an individual to the adventure and exploration that is their own narrative; you’ve got me hooked already!

  5. Deborah Roach

    It is beautiful to see in this introduction how stories, identity, family and culture are foundational. So excited to do this as a Wiradjuri woman.

  6. sjwalker

    How uplifting to hear how narrative therapy aligns with first nation cultures, with the focus of story telling. I believe there is so much that can be learned from this.

  7. Eugene Ford

    What a fantastic introduction! Thank you!

  8. petronela

    Just listening to to the welcoming videos got me excited to start learning about narrative therapy!

  9. Julia Lucila

    Hola mi nombre es Julia Lucila, soy de México y estoy muy emocionada de poder tomar este curso gratuito! Me encantó ver que hay un camarada de El Salvador, me hace sentir cercanía con el contenido!
    Hi my name is Julia Lucila, Im from México and Im so exited to have de chance to take this curse for free! I realy love that i see a person from El Salvador, that made me feel close to the content!
    Thanks for doing this for free!

  10. Siyanda

    It wonderful to hear the introduction of how narrative therapy had really impacted your life and life of others.

  11. amrita.b.trivedi@gmail.com

    Wonderful to hear so many with lived experiences. Its important we believe in this therapy ourselves to make that positive impact and offer relevant support. Thank you all.

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