Welcome from your host: Tileah Drahm-Butler

Welcome from other First Nations Narrative Practitioners

Jonathan Morris:

Alberto Burgos:

Leonard Manuel:

Erica Lambert:


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  1. Justine

    Wow, what a great introduction.
    I feel very welcomed into the module and powerful in my Narrative journey.

  2. Ruth

    I’m so pleased to have discovered the Tree of Life (and this website) it fits so well with the Life Story Work I do with adopted and fostered children! Great intros, I can’t wait to get started…

  3. Sonia Tascon

    Thank you all for this great introduction. I, too, am drawn to Narrative Therapy for the story part of it, and what hope that has for decolonising wider cultural narratives. Look forward to hearing more

  4. Nicola

    thank you for the wonderful introductions

  5. Joanne Barlow

    What a warm and inspirational way to introduce what I anticipate will be a fabulous training opportunity. Narrative practice and the Dulwich Centre had a huge impact on my work way back in the 1980s and continues to inform so much of what I do. Looking forward to this latest journey. Thanks to everyone. Joanne Barlow

  6. Miranda Leon-Madgwick

    I enjoyed the Welcomes, Jonathan Morris comment “It’s a lot of story telling” sums up narrative therapy for our mob.
    Erica Lambert Welcome was great for our across the ditch brothers and sisters and great for our community here as Erica has worked with our mob for a long time and is well respected and loved.

  7. Kay

    Well done to all the brave individuals for stepping up and sharing their understandings of narrative therapy

  8. Chris McFarlane

    Love the introductions from others, and their interpretations of narrative therapy

  9. deborahdowsett@internode.on.net

    I really enjoyed the welcome from everyone, now I’m looking forward to beginning my narrative journey.

  10. John Rayner

    Fabulous heartfelt introductions from everyone, thank you.

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