There were such great moments I had whilst working on these videos with Anthony and David. I met people whom I was related to them historically, with my Afghan cultural background. I heard their different stories about life, peace and being a man. I learnt respect to earth and ambition of making a peaceful life. I learnt to stay strong for a better future. I learnt what is not answer to a hard time. I learnt to talk to others when I have a problem. I learnt what it means to have children and how we fulfil our lives with them and many more things. Furthermore, I found myself reflected in the men’s stories in different ways.

We understand each other particularly if we have been in the same situation that another person is in. I think my experience of having hard times helped me to appreciate the differences and understand these men’s suffering. The way I looked at them through my camera’s lens was shaped by my empathy with them. In fact, we completed the circle of our historic relationship as Afghan-Aboriginal Australians with these videos.

Luckily, I had the great experience of sharing my story with Anthony in a very friendly and respectful conversation. Perhaps that was why I unconsciously and profoundly responded to what I learnt through meeting the men.

I wish that the men I met achieve the best of their lives in their land Australia.  

Special thanks to David, Anthony and Dulwich Centre Foundation for making this opportunity to me


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