My Alternative Story from East to West by Yeemei Wong

Yeemei Wong worked in Hong Kong as a school social worker where she met many young people and their families who lived in disadvantaged circumstances or in poverty. Yeemei then started studying Narrative Therapy in Australia and began to practice in New Zealand. She has now returned home and is working for an agency which supports unwed young mothers and their babies. Yeemei is dedicated to integrating art, music, documents or other creative media into her narrative practice. Yeemei is also passionate in connecting narrative lovers together.

Here is an illustration drawn by Yee Mei to tell a bit more about this lovely journey:

from east to west



This video is inspired by the personal experience of Yeemei when she moved to Auckland, New Zealand from July 2013 to Oct 2014. She was interested in collecting migrant stories of Asian people on their wisdom of survival in a different context. In the video, Yeemei introduces the story of Jack, a Chinese young man who born in Vietnam. We saw the importance of acknowledging the use of mother language and integrating Chinese culture through narrative conversations. She would like to honour Jack to share his skills and knowledge on his mental health journey. With a variety of collective narrative documents used, the alternative story of Magic horse was co-created. You are welcome to contact Yeemei by email:


To access the written scripts of this presentation, click here for the English version, and here for the Chinese version.

Published on August 28, 2015


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    Tileah Drahm-Butler

    Dear Yeemei,
    Thank you for sharing this story. I really appreciated the story of the space that was created with yourself, Jack and the reflection team which I felt showed the ways that these practices can question these ideals of normality, and particularly to centre Jack as the expert in his story. This reminds me of a lot of people who I talk with, where cultural beliefs of magic and connection to people and animals can serve as a source of strength, but they may not sit with the dominant discourse. In listening to this story, I was reminded of the possibilities available when we de-centre ourselves in the telling and re-telling of such stories and how guided by curiosity, rather than ideals of normality, people are able to connect with the parts of their story that can sustain them through difficult times.
    Thanks again Yeemai.

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    Phillipa Johnson Cook

    Dear Yeemei,

    Thanks for sharing these lovely stories online! I particularly appreciated your statement “When he felt respect, he felt courageous to deconstruct the discourse of mental illness”and Jacks words “through your questions I can find my own solutions”. This has me re-connected to the power and influence that deeply respectful practice can have. I think these phrases contribute to encouraging and sustaining me in pursuing respectful practices in the contexts I work across. Looking forward to hearing more from sheepy life productions!

    All the best and with warmth

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    Gaye Stockell

    Hello Yeemei
    It has been lovely meeting you and your inspiring work again.
    I have been thinking about the ways in which your conversations with Jack gave him room to share with you his account of what has been of importance to him: his magical horse and healthy heart. I have recently been speaking with a women, for whom an engagement with magical thinking protected her sense of identity during difficult times. Like you, I have been interested in inquiring about the ways in which those fantasies relate to a person’s preferred values and intentions.
    Interestingly, this women has spent time in an Eastern country caring for orphaned children.
    How is your work with mothers and their babies going? I have an image of you bringing great respect and care filled consideration to your work with them
    Thank you Yeemei
    with warm wishes

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    Hello Yeemei

    Thanks so much for sharing your work as part of a ‘sheepylife production’. I was drawn to the weaving of your own journey/s and your conversations with Jack – especially the way you both navigated to a richer description of his life including a ‘healthy heart’ and the Magic Horse.

    My hope is that the kinds of narrative practices and careful respect you shared and demonstrated can influence the many spaces this work unfolds in…’s so desperately needed! I will continue to appreciate this gentle and very moving account of life and practice in my day to day life as well.

    From melbourne, australia

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