Narrative Coaching: two presentations from France

Our first presentation is by Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun. As a coach and HR consultant, Pierre works with narrative ideas in the profit and non profit organizations around the themes of corporate identities, company communities, and the stories about work in the client’s life in regard with dominant stories about success and performance. He is one of the founders of la Fabrique Narrative (the narrative factory), a narrative center he founded in Bordeaux, France, where he lives. He has written several books and articles (and songs !) about coaching and reauthoring of work.


Our second presentation is by Elizabeth Feld. Elizabeth comes to the narrative community through a path in the ‘helping professions’ that has taken her through ambulance attending, teaching Physical Education and team coaching, to working as a therapist, coach and trainer in a wide variety of settings.

Originally from the USA, she has been living and working in France for the last 20 years where she divides her time between her private practice as therapist and coach and her work with teams and trainings. She is particularly interested in intercultural experiences (teams, couples, individuals) as well as recovery from relationships with addiction. In addition to her work in training managers in a narrative mode which is the subject of this video she is a member of the teaching staff of the Fabrique Narrative and contributing to transmitting narrative concepts, practices and ethical stances to a diverse public in France of therapists, coaches, social workers, educators, doctors, community workers….

This video, a collaborative community effort, reflects a desire to share some of the discoveries that her narrative path has opened for her concerning the richness of a decentered and influential teaching stance in training. Being able to adopt this positioning in management trainings has permitted her to position herself and the trainings in challenge of the discourse of knowledge as power so often present in  both management and pedagogic practices.


Published on May 15, 2015

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