Crossing borders: the work of Eduardo Galeano

Galaeno featureDavid Epston, one of the founders of narrative therapy, is continually encouraging narrative practitioners to read widely. In his introduction to the posthumous collection of Michael White’s writings (Narrative Practice: Continuing the conversations, W.W. Norton, 2011), he writes:

“Don’t you think that we in narrative therapy need to renew our reading of anthropology, cultural studies, sociology, women’s studies, etc., to catch ourselves up to the world in which we live?  That has always been narrative therapy’s life blood.” (p. xxxv).

One of the writers David Epston has been reading over recent years has been Eduardo Galeano.
In this speech, ‘A meeting of friends?’, David makes links between the work of Eduardo Galeano and Michael White. In this article, Erika Zarco, a Mexican-American practitioner interested in narrative therapy, offers a brief introduction to Galeano’s work. Having read this, you might then like to watch this video about Galeano.

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