Democratising the field: Makungu Akinyela (interview by Cheryl White)

Makungu AkinyelaIn this short excerpt of an audio interview, Makungu Akinyela speaks to Cheryl White about the importance of democratising the field of therapy.

This was the first recorded Skype interview that either Makungu or Cheryl had done (you may notice that it ends a little abruptly!). It was a terrific experience. Cheryl and Makungu have known each other for many years, worked together on different projects and, along with Vanessa Jackson and David Denborough, travelled to Ghana in order to engage with the history of the Atlantic slave trade in preparation for the Atlanta Conference.

Read Makungu Akinyela’s article: De-colonizing our lives: Divining a post-colonial therapy.

About Makungu Akinyela
Makungu Akinyela is a family therapist practicing in Decatur, Georgia (USA). He is an Associate Professor in the Department of African American Studies. He is also the founder and clinical director of the Family Center of South Dekalb, a family therapy center in Georgia. Dr. Akinyela has been connected to the narrative therapy community for over a decade and is the developer of Testimony therapy. Testimony therapy is a story-focused therapy rooted in the cultural and social experiences of African American people. Dr. Akinyela was an organiser for the first Narrative Therapy and Community Work Conference held outside of Australia, in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002. He has lectured and taught on testimony therapy, cultural democracy and social justice, and family therapy both internationally and inside the United States. Makungu Akinyela can be contacted c/o

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