Trauma and narrative therapy: Video recordings of Michael White (part I)


Jack Saul, the Director of the International Trauma Studies Program (ITSP), has recently made available a video-recording of Michael White teaching in New York in April 2007. The ITSP is a postgraduate training and research institute for the study, treatment, and prevention of trauma-related distress. Founded at New York University in 1997, the ITSP is now an independent non-profit organization. As Jack Saul writes: ‘ITSP has from its beginning valued the work of Michael White and the field of narrative therapy which has contributed to our approach to working with trauma-affected populations not only in psychotherapy, but as well to our community-based work in collective narration and remembrance through oral history, the media, and the performing arts. We were honoured to host Michael White in the Spring of 2007 for a two-day workshop on Trauma and Narrative Therapy, and in collaboration with the Michael White Archive are in the process of putting video selections from this workshop on the Web’.


  1. Thanks for making this video available.

  2. Great video! A goldmine for us Narrative Therapy students! Thank you for making this lecture available. If a transcript was available that would be AMAZING!

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