Name: Sonja Pastor


City or region: NT


Particular interests and hopes for connection: I am interested in subversive stories that challenge the universalization and privileging of of Eurocentric norms both within the culture of therapy and increasingly dominant global cultures. Also critical multiculturalism as a tool in subverting racism, ethnic and religious intolerance, white privilege. I would like to meet narrative therapists who work in Indonesia. I am also interested in stories that build peace, tolerance and community from difference and discrimination, stories that build strength, healing, insight and growth from adversity and suffering, stories about taboo topics like aging, death, loss and bereavement, stories to help us to find richer meaning in life.

Teaching/supervision: No

 Meet with visitors: No

Receive referrals: No

Name: Kul


City or region: 

Phone: 0435400007

Particular interests and hopes for connection: Meeting new people in the Narrative unfolds and reprogramming of mind without any panic attacks.

Teaching/supervision: Yes

 Meet with visitors: Yes

Receive referrals: Yes