Principles of Neurobiologically Informed Narrative Therapy by Jeff Zimmerman

Jeff has been working with Narrative ideas for almost 30 years, the past ten spent enriching his work with ideas drawn from Interpersonal Neurobiology and Affective Neuroscience. Secretly, though, he has always harbored an interest in making movies, and hopes you will have as much fun watching this one as he did making it. Concepts of mind, mindfulness, and the importance of affect will be the feature attractions. However, it is intended to whet your appetite, not provide exhaustive information.



If interested, you might check out some of the further readings listed below:

Zimmerman, J.L., Beaudoin, M.N. (in press). Neurobiology for your Narrative: How Brain Science Can Influence  Narrative Work. Journal of Systemic Therapies.

Beaudoin, M.N., Zimmerman, J.L. (2011). Narrative Therapy and Interpersonal Neurobiology: Revisiting Classic Practices, Developing New Emphases. Journal  of Systemic Therapies. 30(1).

Published May 22, 2015

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  1. Elen Morell

    Elen Morell

    “Rage, rest, repeat!” I love your T-shirt!

  2. Joshua Ledger

    Joshua Ledger

    Hi Jeff,
    Your movie is wonderfully funny and relevant to the real work, as I am discovering it. The issue of negative affect generating faster and more intensely than thinking response makes sense in working with addiction. Curiously, it seems that the gut’s neuronal connection to the brain is twice as thick going to brain as coming from brain. Put together, the initial inquiries in therapy as to emotional state and location are so pertinent. The corollary of Mindfulness as a treatment mode is another great connector(!) you make. HAL lives on! 48 this year…..
    Thank you Jeff.

  3. Avatar

    Aleda Erskine

    Dear Jeff,
    We haven’t been able to locate your in press paper(Zimmerman and Beaudoin 2015 ) as yet. Could you let me know when and where it will be printed? Myself and my Narrative Therapy practitioner colleagues are keen to read it,
    Thanks and best wishes,

    Aleda Erskine

  4. Avatar
    Linda MIller

    Thank you Jeff. This was a delightful video to learn more about the connections we make between brain and experience. I am so excited to learn more about the connection between neuroscience and narrative therapy. It makes my heart feel good to know we can incorporate these two things and remain congruent with narrative ideas.

  5. Avatar

    Rochelle Hall

    Thanks, Jeff, for offering ideas for linking these two fields together. Very helpful, and what I’ve hoping to find more of for a while now. I look forward to seeing & hearing even more about these ideas.

  6. Avatar

    Aleda Erskine

    Dear Jeff,
    Thanks for the brilliant film – appreciate all the craft that went into making a 20 minute video this informative and fun. Also thanks for making such clear links between two important areas of my life – Meditation and mindfulness and Narrative Therapy. I am now motivated to follow up your papers and to read Mindsight. I’m a psychologist and hope to find a way of weaving some of the ideas outlined in your presentation with my work in future,
    All best wishes

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