Name: Christopher Delany

Email: christophersedelany@gmail.com

City or region: Queensland, Australia

Phone: 0439397988

Particular interests and hopes for connection: I work for Queensland Health in community adult mental health.

My interest is in the way people manage to live in their communities with a different outlook on life to their peers.

I am a member of Rockhampton "narrative collaborators" a group of people who gather monthly to practice narrative skills.

Teaching/supervision: Yes

 Meet with visitors: Yes

Receive referrals: Yes

Name: Michelle Dang

Email: michelledang5@gmail.com

City or region: QLD

Phone: 0468804980

Particular interests and hopes for connection: collective narrative practice

transformative justice


queer theory

Teaching/supervision: Yes

 Meet with visitors: Yes

Receive referrals: Yes