Responding to grief and loss using therapeutic documents by Karen Mittet

Re-membering conversations, together with the written word, offer healing ways for Narrative Therapists to support people grieving the death of someone they love. In this Friday Afternoon video, Karen Mittet demonstrates the effective use of note taking during a Re-membering conversation and describes how these notes are used to craft a therapeutic document. These letters become living documents that the bereaved can return to again and again, while providing a meaningful way to continue the relationship with a deceased loved one in storied form.

Karen Mittet (she/her) BA, BEd, MNTCW, lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  She received her Masters in Narrative Therapy in 2019 and practices narrative therapy online, helping people in Canada and the US.  Her area of passion is grief and loss, yet has expanded to support people struggling with anxiety and other relational issues in their lives.  A significant part of her practice is writing therapeutic letters and this has become a valued process for those seeking her help.  

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  1. Judy

    I loved this video, thank you Karen – so many lovely ideas from you and your clients that I can use in my own work.

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