Part three: tackling problems

The third part of the Team of Life involves using sporting metaphors to exchange knowledge about ways of ‘tackling’ the problems of life.


The Western Arrente Football Team, the Bulldogs, from Ntaria/Hermannsburg and Wally Malbunka, have documented some of the ways that they have for tackling problems on the football field and in other spheres of life. Click to read their document.

This document has been shared with World United (young men from refugee backgrounds) who then sent the following message in response:


Thank you. It was awesome to hear about how you are tackling problems, how you play together for your community, and how you share your skills and talents. When you play football together, you play for each other and you play to get happy. We do this here also. You said that when difficult times come there are special things that you remember. We do this too. We remember family. I remember what my mum told me – that it doesn’t matter if you lose as long as you try your best. We also remember people who we are missing or who may have died. I wish my dad was here. Whenever I work hard, whenever I play well on the field, I think of him. I think ‘my dad would be pleased that I am doing this’. Sometimes we play for those who cannot be here. We play for those who cannot play. When we are facing hard times we tell ourselves, ‘I can do this’, ‘Don’t give up’, ‘Keep trying’. We are World United and we’d like to support the Western Arrente Football Team in spirit. We’d also like to send you a copy of our theme song. Thank you again for sharing your words with us. Asante (thank you). Akuna matata (no worries).


World United



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    Michael Tarawa

    Love this story as it reminds me of my cultural stories in reference to the Mountain, we also respect our mountain when there is respect for something that connects to all, you have communication right across the board adding a sense of unity, in my opinion! 🙂

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