Part Two: Acknowledging and celebrating goals

The second part of the Team of Life process involves acknowledging and celebrating goals that participants’ Teams of Life have already achieved. It is very important that we look back before we look forward. We work to create a heritage of achievement. We do this by creating ‘goal maps’ that demonstrate how past goals in life have been achieved and acknowledging all those who contributed to these achievements.

Here are some examples of goal maps:

Once these goal maps have been created, we then re-enact them and celebrate them! Here is an example of a goal map celebration from Mt Elgon in Uganda!



Once we have looked back and celebrated past achievements, then we look forward … what are the future goals your team is working towards? And how are you training to achieve this?

Here is an example from a softball Team of Life, in which a woman from Ntaria/Hermannsburg speaks of how she is now in training to look after kids:

These days, I am in a different sort of training. My sister has kids and she’s training me and my other sisters how to look after kids. I’m the youngest and I learn by watching what she has done so that if I adopt one or two then I will look after them in the same way that my sister is doing. When my mum and dad were drinking, my young uncle and aunty looked after us. They trained us in how to show love and care for each other. In softball, you practice by throwing the ball around. It’s the same in life. We practice by throwing love and care to each other. And the outfielders do the same – my mother, cousins, brothers and sisters. In life, when love comes your way, you catch it. If your brother or sister throws you love, you catch it and put it in your heart.

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