‘Tipping the Apple Cart of Oppression and Building Spirit Together- Reflections, Resonance and Transport in a Women’s Collective by Keri Murray

This project was a collaborative effort to question everything, and in doing so co-create a process that resists psychological colonization.

Keri partnered with the Calgary Women’s Health Collective (outside of public services) to offer a ‘safer space’ for women who struggle with mental health troubles to unpack oppression in their lives and explore/enact preferred identity claims. Keri is joined by Sanni-Ilona Paljakka, Loree Stout and Frank McGrath in mentorship and solidarity. But it is the ideas and generosity of the Women’s Collective participants that Keri wishes to uphold and honour in this presentation.

Keri is a narrative therapist in Calgary, Canada. She works full-time in public mental health services offering group, individual and family therapy in a Day Treatment Program. She  spends as much time as she can with her family and friends in the mountains, in and around Canmore from where this video was filmed. 

Published April 28, 2017

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    Liz Morrigan

    Thanks for your work Keri. I started listening in a process of trying to find some resources for a client I met with this evening. And I listened to the end. One aspect of your presentation that stands out, as I listen, is your attention to each person’s experience of the practices (“group”, questions and interviewing,writing practices)and what you did with that knowledge. I imagine the effort to keep doing that, to keep that perspssective/positions. The image of someone travelling lightly comes to mind: having maps but not being limited by the map, being able to take other paths, other ways. This traveller has companions on the journey and actually meets people along the way. She has a little smile derived from sheer enjoyment of the discoveries.
    I am slowed down in my thinking about how to work with my client: proceeding slowly with respect and appreciation for the lives of women who tip the apple cart of oppression.

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    Loree Stout

    Dear Keri,

    What a moving experience to watch and listen to this and be reminded of our debriefing conversations and the enlivening feelings that went with them. And the timing of being reminded of the ethics, your ethics, that was always at the centre couldn’t be better. I have the privilege of joining a community of Canadians who grew up in Ethiopia tomorrow. The community reached out for ‘help’ to heal/move forward from trauma and fear. How I might enter this community as fellow Canadian and someone who is also entering foreign territory as an invited guest has been on my mind all week. I feel bolder and more humble after watching this. Your words will accompany me….ideas of mattering people, belonging people, dignity, sacredness, liberty….”stuff that passes as common sense”. I will be thinking about how “negative stories flatten us” and the idea of “many stories feels like a paradise” and the histories of local knowledge and the importance of those who have gone before in ‘the always having a cup of tea” and “the zucchinis”. I will be noticing how i am different as a consequence of being invited to join with them…as an ally. Thanks so much for sharing your ethics in creating intentions, your learnings, and how you are different as a result.

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