Yaamanda yanay barriyaygu? Will you come to the window? by Jedison Wells

Jedda Wells is a proud Yuwaalaaray Woman who works and lives on Gundungurra and Tharawal lands. She is the owner of a Private Healing and Therapy Practice which supports people in contributing to their economy and community. This includes facilitating workshops to share skills in taking back the power by determining one’s own story

When people seek healing, they come clutching a story that they and others may only have considered from a select viewpoint. Yaamanda yanay barriyaygu? [Will you come to the window] or Barriyay for short, is a Narrative Method that invites clients to journey through a story from several vantage points: AS IT WAS KNOWN, AS IT WAS TOLD, AS IT IS KNOWN, and AS IT WILL BE TOLD to take back the power and be the one who determines the story. The method is being used in therapy sessions and with literature written about Australian Indigenous Peoples by colonists.


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  1. Kerry Barton

    Yaama lovely – I know I am delayed to notice but this vid is awesome! So many dots rejoined for me … thankyou Keri

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