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Knowledge, spirit, strength: collective narrative document and song

Collective narrative documents and songs are now used in many different contexts. This project took place in Prince Albert, Canada. Over several months, a community of Métis students in collaboration explored and documented their narratives of […]

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From burnout to solidarity: The work of Vikki Reynolds

Here are three different mediums through which to engage with the work of Vikki Reynolds. Read an interview with Vikki by Sekneh Hammoud-Beckett entitled Bridging the worlds of therapy and activism. Watch a video presentation on Justice […]

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Democratising the field: Makungu Akinyela (interview by Cheryl White)

In this short excerpt of an audio interview, Makungu Akinyela speaks to Cheryl White about the importance of democratising the field of therapy. This was the first recorded Skype interview that either Makungu or Cheryl […]

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