International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work

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International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work offers hopeful and creative ideas for counsellors, social workers, teachers, nurses, psychologists, and community workers.

In each issue, practitioners from a range of different countries discuss the ideas and practices that are inspiring them in their work, the dilemmas they are grappling with, and the issues most dear to their hearts. Their writings are easy to read while remaining rigorous and thoughtful.

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From Issue 1 2023, the journal introduced an exciting new multimedia format that includes not only the rigorous and practical peer-reviewed papers that we have always delighted in publishing, but also original audio and video content, cultural reviews, and interviews making connections with innovative thinkers. The journal’s new look also enables more interaction, with invitations for readers to respond to and discuss papers. We hope this will continue to foster a sense of intellectual community among practitioners. From Issue 1 2023, the journal is being published twice yearly on an Open Access basis, which means that all our papers and multimedia contributions will be freely available to read and share.

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The Reading Room remains the place to access the archive of the first 20 years of journal articles, as well as an ever-expanding range of publications on narrative therapy and community work, including previously hard-to-find writings from Michael White’s archive.