While we (Dulwich Centre Publications Pty Ltd and Dulwich Centre Foundation Inc.) take care with what is placed on this web site, we cannot guarantee that information is always accurate and up-to-date. If you rely on information on this site, please ensure that you obtain independent verification of its accuracy or completeness (for instance by contacting Dulwich Centre Publications at dcp@dulwichcentre.com.au or Dulwich Centre Foundation c/o dulwich@dulwichcentre.com.au. Dulwich Centre Publications Pty Ltd and Dulwich Centre Foundation Inc, their directors, agents, and employees accept no liability for any use of, or reliance on, information supplied on this web site.

Please also note that the views expressed in videos, articles and forums are those of the presenters, authors and forum participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dulwich Centre Publications or Dulwich Centre Foundation. Dulwich Centre Publications and Dulwich Centre Foundation does not accept responsibility for them. Nor can we accept responsibility for the effects of using the ideas shared in these presentations in your own contexts. The materials on this website are not a substitute for training or supervision in narrative practice, both of which we thoroughly recommend.

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