Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia (on Kaurna Land), is one of the key ‘homes’ of narrative practice. We are involved in narrative therapy, community work, training, publishing, supporting practitioners in different parts of the world, and co-hosting international conferences. Welcome! We hope this website acts as a gateway to information about narrative therapy and collective narrative practice. You will also find here articles to read, books and journals to purchase, and training events and conferences to attend.

Innovation: Dulwich Centre has always been, and continues to be, a place of innovation and creativity. Throughout the time that Michael White was a director at Dulwich Centre (from 1983 until his death in 2008), he was continually developing new ideas to challenge and inspire the field and to invite us to think beyond what we already knew. Collective projects such as the Dulwich Centre alternative community mental health project and various narrative community gatherings also pushed the field in new directions. This process of innovation and extending what is known as narrative practice continues to be a key priority of Dulwich Centre (see Innovation Projects).

Training: In collaboration with the University of Melbourne we offer a Master in Narrative Therapy and Community Work. There were 55 graduates from the inaugural program in 2014 from Singapore, Canada, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, Israel, Tanzania, Ireland, Chile, South Africa, Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK!  We also offer one week intensive workshops, one year programs, and short workshops. We are currently co-hosting long-term training programs in Turkey, Singapore, Greece, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Dulwich Centre Publications produce resources (including books, journals, and DVDs) with a particular focus on making narrative approaches accessible and relevant to a wide range of practitioners and contexts. Dulwich Centre Publications (DCP) is an independent, feminist-owned publishing house founded by Cheryl White in 1984. We deliberately seek to publish writings that represent a diversity of cultures and sexual and gender orientations, and which stretch and challenge dominant cultural understandings of the worlds in which we live and work. DCP has also been involved in publishing responses to current social issues occurring in Australia and elsewhere.

The Michael White Archive is located at Dulwich Centre. Michael White was one of the co-founders and co-directors of Dulwich Centre and worked here from the day we opened in 1983 until his death in 2008.  The Michael White Archive includes Michael’s unpublished papers, video recordings of his teachings, and selected therapy sessions. In coming years, we will be making this material available to practitioners, students, and scholars. The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work is a peer-reviewed journal produced by Dulwich Centre Publications in conjunction with colleagues in different parts of the world. The Dulwich Centre Foundation supports workers and communities in different parts of the world who are responding to significant trauma. We are developing, putting into practice, and teaching collective narrative practices – ways of responding to individuals, groups, and communities who are experiencing hardship. These include the very popular Tree of Life and Team of Life narrative approaches. We have a history of working in partnership with colleagues and organisations in Palestine, Rwanda, Uganda, Bosnia, Israel, India, Sri Lanka, Kurdistan (Iraq) and elsewhere. We are currently exploring ways in which narrative practices can contribute to local social action / ‘social movement’ and economic projects to assist communities in poverty. At the same time, this Dulwich Centre site acts as a gateway to narrative practice. Narrative Connections: An international network of narrative practitioners seeks to provide a forum of connectedness for practitioners in different parts of the world. Since 1999, Dulwich Centre has hosted International Narrative Therapy and Community Work Conferences in Adelaide (Australia), Atlanta (USA), Liverpool (UK), Oaxaca (Mexico), Hong Kong (China), Kristiansand (Norway), and Salvador (Brazil).

We appreciate your support, ideas, and contributions!