Narrative gatherings – an Aboriginal invention

An introduction to narrative gatherings from Tileah


Reclaiming our stories, reclaiming our lives

Tim Agius

Tim tells the story of the first narrative gathering: Reclaiming our stories, reclaiming our lives – a gathering for Aboriginal families who  had lost a loved one to a death in custody.


Further gatherings

After the first narrative gathering at Camp Coorong, further gatherings took place in other communities:

Click here to read about the Narrandera Koori Community Gathering


Sharing stories between communities

In recent years, narrative practice has been used to assist communities who are going through hard times to share their stories to assist other communities who are also struggling. This can bring a sense of pride in the midst of struggle.

Click here to read the article about sharing stories between communities


Every story is precious

Aunty Barbara Wingard


Reflections from Tileah

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