Creative projects

Creative projects

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander narrative practitioners are involved in some fantastic projects! Here are just some examples.

Tree of Life in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

with Che Stow

Examples of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Trees of Life

Using the Tree of Life to help young mums

Carolynanha Johnson

My meeting place

Vanessa Davis created this narrative methodology by integrating Aboriginal Art with Narrative Practices in order to create culturally appropriate counselling with Aboriginal children and young people.

Didgeri: Local Collective Response

by Anthony Newcastle


No More Silence

Aboriginal men supporting others who have experienced childhood sexual abuse

Men’s Talk

This project involves men from Mounts Isa, Cloncurry and Normanton sharing stories about Aboriginal ways of being uncles, mentors, dads, grandfathers and friends .

Click here to see the Men’s Talk Project

Thwarting Shame: Feminist engagement in narrative groupwork

 by Kylie Dowse

Yarning with a purpose

 by Carolynanha Johnson

Solid families: Strong in heart and spirit

This program, ‘Solid families: Strong in heart and spirit’, is to our knowledge the first parenting support program based on Aboriginal values. It was initiated by Aboriginal mothers in Roebourne, Western Australia, and developed through a cross-cultural partnership led by Anne Mead and Jasmine Mack.

Click here to view the Solid Families webpage

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    faye blanch

    I feel true strength that the creative processes can allow for the hard conversations, and allowing voice that is respected and encouraged to speak is key to healing as well as sharing. I am very impressed with the part of men opening up about abuse and finding ways to contribute to healing.

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    I loved the Tree Of Life and Meeting Place tools and the oppportunities that these open up to explore problem stories; identify an alternative story and stories of resistance/resilience/strength; and externalize ‘the problem’. I also loved how non-directive and safe this approach can be and how it is a creative tool that moves beyond talking therapy and into creative expression and processing.

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    lil m

    I really loved this, the Tree of Life is a wonderful way of recording people’s strength and resilience. I enjoy doing tangible, creative interventions (such as drawing and decorating the Tree of Life) that are usually associated with play therapy with children, but I think work wonderfully with adults too.

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    debbie webster

    The idea of the tree of life was very inspiring when working with children. I found this very innovative and very interesting. The examples of the tree of life and their connections told a pictorial narrative and this was a very creative way of connecting and understanding children’s stories.

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    Kylie Dowse’s work with men who have abused, has enlightened me in so many ways, especially in situations where a woman may wish to stay within an existing relationship, once the abusive behaviour has been resolved. So often men are labelled and shamed, and left without hope. I believe Kylie’s work shows that abusive man can change, and where the functional parts of a relationship can continue once therapeutical resolve has taken place. Kylie presented eloquently and provides hope to those men who seek to change, and the relationships they wish to maintain. I plan to use some of Kylie approaches in helping my clients.

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    I love the idea of the tree of life – I work with Aboriginal children and young people and can already see how this will be such a beneficial grounding activity for us to engage with from the beginning of our therapeutic relationship. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Sandra Owen

    I loved the creative endeavors to find strength within and to assist in a great community outcome “tree of life” cultural knowledge. I love it. It’s inspirational and very much draws from a narrative healing theme.

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