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This network assists narrative practitioners to:

  • seek out others who are interested in narrative ideas in their own area
  • build a sense of community of practice
  • find narrative supervision and teaching options in their own area, and
  • seek out other people to refer to in other parts of the country and/or world.


The rationale for Narrative Connections

Each day, we receive emails, phone calls, or faxes from narrative practitioners from around the world hoping to make connections with other people interested in narrative ideas, or seeking information about a narrative therapist to whom they can refer someone. For many years, we did the best we could with such requests in an informal manner, but it seemed time to create a new process to link people together. This is what Narrative Connections is all about.

Many years ago, when the Dulwich Centre Newsletter first began, one of its most popular columns was the section in which therapists wrote a small description of themselves and their workplace and indicated whether they would be happy to receive visitors, referrals, etc. Through this column, therapists began to visit each other, make links in their own neighbourhoods and cities, and when travelling overseas could link up with people with a common interest. This proved enormously popular and contributed significantly to building a community of ideas.

With new technology, we have now created a similar system. We are inviting practitioners (you!) from different parts of the world to upload a short description of your links to narrative ideas and your hopes in connecting with other practitioners, whether you are willing to meet with visitors, whether you can take referrals, and whether you offer teaching or supervision. Please also upload a photograph to accompany your listing. We believe that over time a rich tapestry of practitioners will be created.


To become a member:

We hope you will become a member of Narrative Connections and assist in building links between those interested in narrative ideas in different parts of the world. To join, please fill out the form below!


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    Dulwich Centre Pty Ltd and Dulwich Centre Foundation accept no liability for Narrative Connections. No guarantee is given or liability assumed by Dulwich Centre or Dulwich Centre Foundation if Narrative Connections does not meet your expectations or fails to achieve its intended purpose. We take no responsibility for those who choose to become members. We accept memberships on the basis of applications and cannot undertake any investigation as to the bona fides or levels of skill of those who wish to be members. In making use of Narrative Connections, you accept the terms of this disclaimer.