Name: Christopher Delany


City or region: Queensland, Australia

Phone: 0439397988

Particular interests and hopes for connection: I work for Queensland Health in community adult mental health.

My interest is in the way people manage to live in their communities with a different outlook on life to their peers.

I am a member of Rockhampton "narrative collaborators" a group of people who gather monthly to practice narrative skills.

Teaching/supervision: Yes

 Meet with visitors: Yes

Receive referrals: Yes

Name: Michelle Dang


City or region: QLD

Phone: 0424 162 213

Particular interests and hopes for connection: Hello, my name is Michelle Dang (she/her/hers). I have an alternative practice called Healing and Justice, which focuses on supporting people to respond to trauma and violence in a context of safety, dignity and social justice.

My practice is informed by narrative therapy, response-based practice, social justice & healing justice frameworks. My approach is collaborative, relational & non-pathologising. I hold space for deep listening, with attention to context, relationships, and personal, family and cultural practices. 

My practice is also centred on holding the complex intersections of healing, trauma, social change, transformative justice, collective care, spirituality & sustainability. I embrace healing practices that are grounded in a social analysis & social action that is grounded in people’s stories.

I would love to connect with you around these conversations. I also offer supervision, counselling and training - in person and online.

You can find more about me through

My website:

Facebook: @healingandjusticebne

Instagram: @healingandjustice

Teaching/supervision: Yes

 Meet with visitors: Yes

Receive referrals: Yes

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City or region
Queensland, Australia

Countries (and states for Australia) Queensland, Australia

Hope for connection
It's early 2023 and I've just completed the Masters program at the end of 2022. During the program, I (as an Aboriginal descendant) fostered interests in Narrative Practices for working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and groups. I also developed a particular interest in documentation. I've done a little Narrative Practice work in prisons, with Indigenous business, with youth, and with individuals, and identity is emerging as another particular interest too. Having said all that, I'm interested in anything Narrative Practice and I love hearing about the innovative, effective, and healing ways that the Narrative community globally is applying it.

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Receive referrals?


Name: Cherena Robertson


City or region: Queensland, Australia


Particular interests and hopes for connection:

Psychology supervision


Employment opportunities

Teaching/supervision: Yes

 Meet with visitors: Yes

Receive referrals: Yes