We hope you enjoy these popular articles about narrative therapy and community work.

Introducing Narrative Therapy
Commonly-asked questions about narrative approaches to therapy, community work, and psychosocial supportCollective paper
What is Narrative Therapy?by Alice Morgan
Commonly asked questions about Externalising conversationsby Maggie Carey & Shona Russell
Workshop notes
– Externalising conversations exercise
– Statement of position maps 1 & 2
– Therapeutic posture
– Re-authoring conversations
– Re-membering conversations
– Definitional ceremony and outsider-witness
– Attending to the consequences of trauma
– Distinctions between traditional & modern power
– Addressing personal failure
by Michael White

International Journal of Narrative Therapy & Community Work
Therapist as host: Making my guests feel welcomeby Jodi Aman
Linking stories and initiatives: A narrative approach to working with the skills and knowledge of communitiesby David Denborough, Carolyn Koolmatrie, Djapirri Mununggirritj, Djuwalpi Marika, Wayne Dhurrkay & Margaret Yunupingu
Telling our stories in ways that make us strongerby Barbara Wingard
Co-research: The making of alternative knowledgeby David Epston
Collaborative representation: Narrative ideas in practiceby Sue Mann
Narrandera Aboriginal Narrative Gathering
(The write-up of a community gathering that took place with the Narrandera Koori (Aboriginal) Community in April 2002 and documentation of the follow-up to this gathering. Also included are a number of songs that were written and recorded during the gathering.)
by the Narrandera Koori Community
(documented by David Denborough)
Making sense of illness narratives: Braiding theory, practice and the embodied lifeby Kaethe Weingarten
Dancing with deathby Lorraine Hedtke
The journey of a lifetime: Group work with women who have experienced sexual assault
(from the book Introducing narrative therapy: A collection of practice-based writings)
by Lisa McPhie and Chris Chaffey
Storying professional identityby John Winslade
An institute of community participation
Inspiring community work from the Latino community in California
by America Bracho
Deconstructing Addiction
(A wide range of articles available exploring ‘addiction’ to alcohol and other drugs)
by Multiple authors
Holding our heads up: Sharing stories not stigma after losing a loved one to suicide
(A resource for others who have lost loved ones to suicide)
Compiled by Marnie Sather, David Newman and Dulwich Centre Foundation
Travelling down the neuro pathway: Narrative practice, neuroscience, bodies, emotions and the affective turn
by David Denborough
International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work: 2019, issue 3: Special issue focusing on two issues: 1. Narrative therapy in relation to neuroscience, emotions and embodiment. 2. The broader subject of how we in this field can create contexts for professional differences, debates and critique
by Multiple authors

Other popular articles
Community song writing and narrative practicea paper and songs by David Denborough. First published in Clinical Psychology, issue 17, September 2002
Beating Sneaky Poo: Ideas for faecal soiling (2nd ed)
by Terry Heins & Karen Ritche
Heterosexual Dominance in the world of Therapy?by Daphne Hewson
Friendship and community in the age of HIVby Paul Browde & Murray Nossel
Linking lives around shared themes: Narrative group therapy with gay menby Christopher Behan
Weaving new stories over the phone: A narrative approach to a gay switchboardby Bill Logan
A woman of culture: negotiating arabic and lesbian identityan interview with Moneira
A glimpse of the complexity of identityby Tikka Jan Wilson


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