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Some of our courses offer certification modules for practitioners. See below for more details. 

FREE: What is Narrative Practice?

Curious about narrative therapy? This course offers a free ‘intro’ to narrative practice. It’s also a good refresher for those working with narrative ideas. Included are materials that are relevant for those working in therapeutic and/or community work contexts. Wherever you come from we’re sure you’ll find something interesting here!

Note: this course offers a certification module

FREE: Aboriginal Narrative Practice Course

As Aunty Barbara Wingard says, narrative practice is about ‘telling our stories in ways that make us stronger’. In this free online course you can watch videos from a wide range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander narrative counsellors, health workers and community workers. You can also hear about some of their creative inventions. This is a self-directed course. We invite you to watch the videos, read the articles and then leave your own comments, thoughts, stories and questions on this site.

Note: this course offers a certification module 

FREE: Feminisms, Intersectionality & Narrative Practice

This free course offers feminist and intersectional insights and provocations across key areas of practice, including responding to gendered violence and state violence, working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, deconstructing discourses of mental health and eating issues, and discussing sex, pleasure and respectful relationships. It includes videos, readings and opportunities for reflection across nine online lessons. Note: this course offers a certification module 

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FREE: Sexualities, Genders and Narrative Practice: A narrative therapy queer space

This free course offers you an opportunity to take a deep dive into the use of narrative practice with folks of all genders, bodies, sexualities, and relationships. It hopes to stretch and complicate your assumptions and understandings and to invite you to step into new and exciting territories. You can explore the realms of this course, with its rich array of videos and articles, at your own pace and share your reflections with other course participants.

Note: this course offers a certification module Click here to go to the course

FREE: Introduction to narrative therapy (Chinese)

叙事治疗初探:免费中文线上课程 (Simplified Chinese)

敘事治療初探:免費中文線上課程 (Traditional Chinese)

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Re-membering and reclaiming lives from abuse

This online course is a unique opportunity for practitioners. It includes video footage of Michael White facilitating a re-membering conversation with Chris and Jussey in 2000 and a video of Chris and Jussey reflecting upon this conversation ten years later. Chris and Jussey speak about their work with Silent Too Long: a group for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse and how narrative practices can assist women to reclaim their lives from the effects of abuse. A number of key articles are included. You will be invited to offer your reflections on the videos and articles, to participate in a quiz, and to write a short paper in relation to re-membering practices. Cost: AUD$99

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Externalising Conversations

This online course consists of three parts. In Part One, you will watch three short video clips of Michael White talking about and demonstrating externalising conversations in therapy. In Part Two, you can sit back and watch a series of engaging presentations by Michael White about externalising conversations.  Having watched these clips, you will then read a number of key articles, before testing your knowledge on the ‘externalising conversations quiz’.  In Part Three, you will watch a video clip in relation to externalising paranoia and read a number of influential papers about collective externalising conversations. You’ll then be invited to complete a 1000 word assignment. Cost: AUD$99

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Maps of Narrative Practice

This course features demonstration interviews of six key ‘maps’ of narrative practice: Statement of Position Map 1; Statement of Position Map 2; Actions to Identity Map; Re-Authoring Map; Re-Membering Map; and Outsider Witness Group. It is hosted by Mark Hayward and includes key contributions from KJ, Holly Winter, Karl Rasleigh & Elliott Papazahariakis. The course is best approached with a copy of Maps of Narrative Practice (2007, W.W. Norton) by Michael White to hand.

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