Training at Dulwich Centre

We have a range of workshops and training programs available including:

  • Level One and Level Two Intensives
  • Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work
  • One Year Training Program in Narrative Therapy


  • Online courses
  • International events and training programs
  • External training delivered in your organisation, town or country

These trainings will be offered by Dulwich Centre Faculty members who work as both therapists and teachers and who trained and worked alongside Michael White over many years. Dulwich Centre has a training philosophy that ensures that those teaching narrative therapy are also maintaining a therapy practice themselves. We have found that this leads to rich and rigorous training conversations. In 2024, we have Level One Intensives in February, September and November, as well as a Level One Intensive specifically for First Nations workers in Cairns, QLD. The Level Two Intensive is held in November each year.

Find more information about the workshops here.

This program is offered in collaboration with the University of Melbourne.

This Master program began in 2014 and has already featured participants from USA, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, Israel, Tanzania, Ireland, Belgium, Chile, South Africa, Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK! This year five Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants are involved.

Applications will be open in mid 2023 for the 2024 intake via the University of Melbourne.

This is an immersive year-long program. The 2024 program consists of a Level One and a Level Two Intensive (one in February and another in November). In between these two teaching blocks, participants will be engaged in a reading/writing program relating the ideas of narrative practice to their own contexts and staying connected with each other online. It is necessary for participants to be putting the ideas into practice for a minimum of one hour per week for the duration of the course.

In 2024, we’re pleased to announce that we will offer options for the teaching blocks of this program. You can choose to attend the first teaching block face-to-face in Adelaide OR online. The second teaching block will take place online.

If you would like to immerse yourself in narrative ideas next year, this One Year Training Program might be for you!

More information and links to register here.

Dulwich Centre is now offering online training courses in narrative therapy! We have a number of courses which offer both a free component and a paid certification module, including:

We also have two practice-based courses featuring videos from the Michael White archive:

Dulwich Centre offers a number of international events and training programs in a number of different countries, including China, Greece, Rwanda, Hong Kong, Palestine, Singapore, India and Turkey. For more information about any of these courses, see here.

We can deliver external training events in your workplace, organisation or local community, saving costs on airfares and accommodation, and making it easier for large groups to train in a familiar environment.

Topics for these workshops include:

  • Introduction to narrative therapy (one day, two day, or five day events)
  • Introduction to narrative approaches to working with individuals, groups, and wider communities (two day, three day, or five day events)
  • Tree of Life: A narrative approach to working with vulnerable children
  • Responding to trauma: narrative approaches to working with individuals, groups, and communities

More information about having an experienced trainer/practitioner in narrative approaches visit your local community available here

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  1. Ghaidaa

    Good morning I am interested in training but don’t know where to start.

  2. dannielle jackson

    Hello I am interested to learn more about your one week intensive course. what does that commitment look like during the weeK? I am based in Tasmania and work as an art therapist in a women’s shelter. Look forward to hearing from you

  3. Sirini

    I have been sent your link through Melb Uni as I inquired about the Masters in Narrative Therapy and I don’t have background studies in Narrative Therapy.
    I am interested in commencing the Masters in early 2022. Is there an intensive course I could complete that qualifies me to register for the Masters Program?
    Thank you

  4. Krity


    Just wanted to request you to keep me in the loop for training, webinars, or workshops through email please.

  5. Karishma Desai

    Hello, I wanted to know if the Level 1 and Level 2 Intensive courses serve as a credit to prior-learning for the Master’s program.

  6. Sally

    Hi, I am a Psychologist working as a school counsellor in Orange NSW. I would love to learn more about narrative therapy starting with a one day workshop. Is there anything like this scheduled for 2021 in NSW?

  7. Veronica Clark

    I am a licensed social worker in North Carolina USA. I’m interested in the online training in September and November 2021. Could you please provide me the US dollars. I am excited and look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Claudia Richardson

    hello I am interested in applying for the Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work.
    Can you please tell me the best way to apply?
    I have done training in Narrative Therapy with Lesley Porter at the CCWT (Centre for Community Welfare Training in Sydney
    and continued to use the techniques and skills learned in my work.
    I am also completing the free course you have through your website.
    Would I qualify for the program?
    Please let me know.
    Many thanks
    Claudia Richardson

  9. Jo Stanley

    Dear colleagues, Thank you so much for offering all this. How much time do you think should be allowed for each section of the Introduction course, please.
    Appreciative wishes, Jo.

  10. HeatherGrace Jones

    I’d like to talk to someone about the best possible study route for me.

    is that feasible?

    I think I need an actual person to advice me

  11. Craig Blandon

    Is your diploma course being incorporated into the covid-19 government subsidied courses?

  12. Louise Monument

    I am interested in studying narrative therapy. I completed Dip in Counselling in 2015. I don’t think the online course would suit my learning style. Can you please provide more detailed information about the Level 1 and 2 intensives, including the costs.


  13. andrew duclos

    will the Dulwich centre be running any training in 2020 in the Tree of Life

  14. Odette Nightsky

    Hello. I am looking to advance my training in narrative therapy and wonder if you have any short courses in Sydney for 2020??
    Thanks in advance

  15. Carroll Cradock

    Are any of your courses approved for Continuing Ed by the American Psychological Association

  16. Courtney Jane Lavelle


    I am looking for training for parenting groups and any training that you are currently offering in newcastle/ sydney.



  17. Zoe Penman

    Good Afternoon, We are looking at booking in 5 of our South East Queensland based employees into one of your trainings. We are a NFP that works with marginalised youth. What kind of training do you provide in the Tree of Life approach in Australia? Online or face to face? If face-to-face, what duration of training? Kind Regards, Zoe Penman


    I am attached to an organisation Institute of Psychological & Educational Research (IPER) for several years. I am interested in the Narrative Therapy. Since I will not be able to travel immediately or cannot give much time I would like to take the On line Intensive training. Please suggest what are other possibilities.

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