If your workplace or local community is interested in learning more about narrative approaches, it’s possible to arrange a workshop held in your local area/workplace. This often saves considerable expense in relation to airfares and accommodation and is great for large groups and teams wanting to learn in a familiar environment.

Topics for these workshops include:

  • Introduction to narrative therapy (one day, two day, or five day events)
  • Introduction to narrative approaches to working with individuals, groups, and wider communities (two day, three day, or five day events)
  • Tree of Life: A narrative approach to working with vulnerable children
  • Responding to trauma: narrative approaches to working with individuals, groups, and communities

Or a custom-made topic depending on your area of interest and the availability of skilled trainers on that particular topic! Because we have links with practitioners in every continent (except Antarctica), you never know what might be possible!

If you’re interested in an experienced trainer/practitioner in narrative approaches visiting your local community, please submit an enquiry below.
When making your enquiry, please include any information you can about where the training will be held, the size of the group and possible dates. If you’re not sure what’s possible, we can talk you through the options.

Submit an external training enquiry