What is Narrative Practice? A free course

G’day and welcome to this free online course about narrative therapy and community work!

This course is a gateway to free papers, videos and extracts to enjoy at your own pace. Across 9 ‘lessons’ or ‘chapters’ we have brought together papers, videos, images, interviews and questions.

This course is freely available to anyone, although we think it might be particularly relevant for those interested in counselling/psychology/community work/social work. We hope it is relevant for those seeking a ‘refresher’ working with narrative ideas and those looking for new ways of working with people in their context. Included are materials that are relevant for those working in therapeutic and/or community work contexts. Wherever you come from we hope you will find something interesting here!

By no means will this course answer all your questions – rather we hope it inspires more!

Along the way, your host will be Phillipa Joy, who is a member of the Dulwich Centre International Faculty and completed her Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work in 2014. Thank you Phillipa for all your work in creating this course!

If after completing this online course you would like a certificate of completion this is also possible by taking the ‘certification module’ which involves completing a quiz and short essay and posting a number of reflections on the course forums. This certification module costs AUD$77.

But the course itself and all its resources are freely available to all! This course has been created by Dulwich Centre Foundation with the assistance of Community Benefit SA (Government of South Australia).

We hope you find it helpful!


Certification Module

Please note, an optional certification module is available at the end of the course. Click here for more details.



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