Name: Марина Усманова 


City or region: Ukraine

Phone: +380504949424

Particular interests and hopes for connection:

Women and queer people are my valuable interlocutors.

I create collective practices.

I combine narrative therapy with the D&D game.

I combine social work with activism.

Teaching/supervision: no

 Meet with visitors: no

Receive referrals: no

Name: Veronika Stefanovych


City or region: Ukraine


Particular interests and hopes for connection:

I am a narrative and crisis psychologist, storyteller and artist who accompany people in life transformations and challenges.

I work individually and with groups, and also lead a psychological reading club.

My values and best hopes for my work are to help creative people regain their footing and live a bright life without being ashamed to be themselves.

Teaching/supervision: no

 Meet with visitors: no

Receive referrals: no