Welcome from your host: Tileah Drahm-Butler

Welcome from other First Nations Narrative Practitioners

Jonathan Morris:

Alberto Burgos:

Leonard Manuel:

Erica Lambert:


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    Narelle Smith

    Telling stories in ways that make us stronger – I liked that very much – thank you

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    Tiff Lohs

    I am looking forward to learning more to support my team to develop skills in narrative enquiry.

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    Kamenga Lazarous

    Thanks for welcoming me into this course. Indeed when people tell their past and believe for better tomorrow it helps to remain optimistic and rather dewel in the past. Am hopeful that through this course will able to help many people out there to tell story that will make them strong.

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    Thank you for welcoming me onto this course. I appreciate the diversity of people who have been filmed for the welcome

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    Pandora Galea

    Narrative therapy is the perfect vehicle for cultures where dominant communication is, or was, oral stories. Your introductions authentically represent the way it can assist in the development of identity, inner strength and resilience. It is also a wonderful tool for healing trauma.Thankyou so much for offering such a powerful and necessary course.

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