Congratulations and farewell (for now!)


Congratulations! You have made it to the end of this Aunty Barbara Wingard Aboriginal narrative practice online course!  We hope you have enjoyed it.

If you would like a certificate, you can complete the certification module.

Whether you complete the certification module or not, we’d like to celebrate you joining this course! So … we thought we’d share below the video of the valedictory speech given by Anthony Newcastle, Vanessa Davis, Justin Butler and Kylie Dowse when they graduated from the Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work!

A collective valedictory address to celebrate a collective achievement

Farewell from Cheree Morton

Farewell from Paul Martin

Farewell from Tileah

Seeing Aboriginal narrative practitioners now makes me so proud

Aunty Barbara Wingard

My hopes for you

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    Nathel Fishlock

    One of the greatest courses I’ve taken and fully engaged with and enjoyed. I’m wanting to do my masters in this as an Awabakal woman I think my story can help other mob too . Thank you

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    debbie webster

    This course was very enjoyable and I learnt so much from completing it. I would like to thank everyone for this course and for participating.

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    Karen Chong

    Thank you for the opportunity to learn about Narrative Practice, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt alot through listening to the stories.

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    Wendy Burns

    I love the thinking behind the shame mat and can 100% agree that the concept of shame has broader meaning than it does for non-indigenous people.
    It is critical for practitioners to understand the family and communities notion of what is shame.
    Without understanding how shame works within a family and community there can be huge barriers in communicating and working with families in keeping their children safe.

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    Sandra Owen

    This was one of the most enjoyable courses I have undertaken and I will go back to it as a refresher and top up my narrative listening skills from a Aboriginal lens, thankyou for the experience

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    deborah dowsett

    finally completed the course on top of my university degree and loved this very much, I gained so much and even though I’m an Aboriginal woman I still gained many new innovative ideas to not just improve my practice but also develop of new skills. Thank you for this deadly opportunity.

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    This has been great learning, and I really appreciate this being shared with people so that everyone can benefit from your knowledge. Thank you!

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    Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this course. It was ‘deadly” for sure! It is so generous of the Dulwich Centre to gift this course to us for free. I am also happy that first nations people have found a therapy and a practice that resonates with them and their values and wonderful culture. The bonus for me in the course was to be able to enhance my cultural competency in first nations culture while at the same time learning about a therapy that is so valued. I will be adding this learning to my PD log with pride. I look forward to gently nudging colleagues towards this course. I would love to invite a guest speaker to our workplace to learn more and to have a chance to ask questions.

    A highlight for me was the valedictory speech which cleverly wove narrative concepts throughout. Very inspiring ! Keep up the good work Dulwich!

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    Thank you so much for sharing all your insights and information. It’s been a really great course and it’s much appreciated 🙂

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    Thankyou all at the Dulwich Centre and special thanks to Aunty Barb; such an inspirational course with an introduction to many inspirational people. Much appreciated.

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    Jessica Rodaughan

    This course is such a deadly resource for our Community – thank you to all who shared their experience and knowledge. I have taken so much away from this work and look forward to seeing the benefits of this new knowledge with my clients in practice.

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    Georgia c

    Thank you so much Aunty for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I am so grateful for this course and I am committed to continuing my learning and sharing with my community. Thank you to the heartfelt sharing from the collaborators as well.

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    Nileeka S

    Thank you very much for this course. I read all most all the articles which were provided during the course. Every single article is very important to me. Thank you very much.

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    Warwick Wallace

    Narrative Practice through both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eyes… thank you so much for everyone sharing their stories. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity to engage with this Online-Practice….now to step outside my comfort zone.

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    Thank you for this. The course id very informative and the material provided is very useful.

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    This has honestly been the most engaging and interesting course I have completed in my work. The narrative therapy practice makes so much sense and is a really positive way of supporting people and I’m therefore very keen to start utilising it more in my work. Thanks!

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    Tammy Townsend

    Thank you for this great opportunity to learn more about indigenous cultures and narrative therapy. While I am still a couple of years away from completing my counselling degree, I feel I have gained some helpful knowledge during this course. I like how there are multiple ways of telling your stories including, through yarns, artistically through the tree of knowledge or maps, song writing, letter writing or imaginative conversations such as a conversation with someone who is no longer here with us anymore.
    As a non indigenous person living in a community with a large number of indigenous people, I hope when I have finished my degree and start practicing, I am able to help the indigenous community with some cultural understanding, show respect and use narrative therapy to help improve their life.

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    I routinely rewatch these videos and read these stories because it refreshes me for the fight that needs to be fought and fills me with hope. Thank you so much for providing these resources.

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    Thank you again Aunty Barbara for making this course possible and for it’s validity as evidence based practice. To be able to articulate traditional cultural practices from our Ancestors and finding ways to work together in finding ways to practice these, such as narrative in our modern shared world, is amazing. Thanks to everyone involved in the creation of this course and to all students who have contributed. As I believe we are all teachers and learners together. I can see me utilizing and improving my work when working with mob in the present and future. Thank you! x

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    Yamoan (Hello in Gamilaraay) Aunty Barb and all the other contributors to this course. It has been amazing for me and I cannot wait to get out there & practice these ideas. I am grateful of your commitment and now I am ready to carry this to my local community and to my mob. Thank you.

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      Yaama Natalie 🙂

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