These cards were initiated and created by Sydney based social workers Ola El-Hassan and Lobna Yassine, in collaboration with the students from Birrong Boys High School and Miller Technology High School, as part of the Tree of Life program. This program was adapted for Muslim young people in Australia. They were created in response to the lack of diversity in resources for young Muslims in Australia. Ola and Lobna felt there was a need to fill this gap, in order to generate useful conversations with young Muslims.

The values and skills included in this pack were a result of asking the students about what was important to them. The students were also asked to assist with the images. They did this with genuineness, thoughtfulness, respect and in a spirit of solidarity. Without them this project would not be possible.

The questions accompanying the cards were created with the help and support of friends from all over the world, from Sydney to Turkey to Qatar to Adelaide. We are deeply appreciative for their contributions: Sekneh Beckett, David Denborough, Mehmet Dinc, Nada Eltaiba and Dr Abdul Stanikzai. These cards were produced in partnership with the Dulwich Centre Foundation and Bankstown Youth Development Service.

For more information about how to use these cards, see the video below!  

These cards can be purchased here.


Here are some slides from a presentation that Ola and Lobna recently offered about these cards, their history and the ways people are engaging with them.

If you are using these cards in your contexts, please let us know in the comments section below. 


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