Over time, this page will showcase videos of Michael White’s teaching and practice. If you know of any videos of Michael that could be appropriate here, please email us!

Michael White and Salvador Minuchin

Michael White and Salvador Minunchin in coversation at the Evolution of Psychotherapy conference.


Trauma and narrative therapy: a video-recording of Michael White




Jack Saul, the Director of the International Trauma Studies Program (ITSP), has made available three video-recordings of Michael White teaching in New York in April 2007. The ITSP is a postgraduate training and research institute for the study, treatment, and prevention of trauma-related distress. Founded at New York University in 1997, the ITSP is now an independent non-profit organization. As Jack Saul writes:

“ITSP has from its beginning valued the work of Michael White and the field of narrative therapy which has contributed to our approach to working with trauma-affected populations not only in psychotherapy, but as well to our community-based work in collective narration and remembrance through oral history, the media, and the performing arts. We were honoured to host Michael White in the Spring of 2007 for a two-day workshop on Trauma and Narrative Therapy, and in collaboration with the Michael White Archive are in the process of putting video selections from this workshop on the Web.”


Videos of Michael’s therapy sessions

For those of you interested in watching video recordings of Michael’s therapy sessions, there are a few places where these are available. Two online courses on this website – ‘Externalising Conversations’ and ‘Re-membering and reclaiming lives from abuse’ feature such videos.  This second online course is a unique opportunity for practitioners. Due to many requests, it includes video footage of Michael White facilitating a re-membering conversation with Chris and Jussey (Chris’ referring social worker). This conversation took place at Dulwich Centre in 2000. This course also includes video footage of Chris and Jussey discussing and reflecting upon this conversation with Michael ten years later. These reflections have been filmed especially for this course. For more information, click here.

Other recordings of Michael White therapy sessions can be purchased through Masterswork.


Escape from bickering

We have included here video recording of Michael seeing a family at an American Association of Marital and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Conference in 1989.




Creating an archive of Michael White’s interviews: seeking your assistance

Would you like to assist us in carrying on Michael White’s legacy? We’d like to ask your help in creating an archive of tapes and DVD recordings of Michael’s interviews. If you have ever been interviewed by Michael and this interview was recorded, then perhaps you might be interested in contributing to an archive we are developing.

One common request we have been receiving since Michael’s death has been whether people can have access to copies of DVDs of Michael’s therapeutic interviews. This is, however, a complex question and one we have been spending a lot of time thinking through. During Michael’s life, he was very reluctant to make copies of his interviews widely available. He was also very reluctant for others to show these tapes in teaching contexts. We are determined to honour Michael’s concerns and wishes. There were two main concerns that Michael had. Firstly, how can meaningful consent be gained from those who Michael was interviewing for these tapes to be shared. Michael only had consent for him to show these recordings, not for anyone else to do so. Secondly, Michael was concerned that if people watched the tapes without having someone to explain the thinking that was informing the conversation that this could possibly lead to confusion and mis-reading of the interviews.

Knowing that there is a great deal still to be learnt from Michael’s interviewing and yet being determined to honour Michael’s concerns about the tapes being widely shared, we are now in the process of developing an archive of Michael’s therapeutic consultations. An international advisory group is being established to maintain this archive which will consist of Michael’s daughter and close colleagues. We will only be including in this archive tapes that we have received special permission to include. These tapes will not be available for sale. Instead, this archive will be kept here at Dulwich Centre and made available to therapists who wish to view certain materials. Those viewing the tapes will be accompanied by a Dulwich Centre therapist who has worked alongside / been trained by Michael so that explanations can be offered.

So, this brings us to where you may come in. We wish to ask your assistance in generating this archive. If you have ever been interviewed by Michael and had this recorded, and if you would be willing to have a copy of this interview included in the Michael White archive, please get in touch with us. (Note that our e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will then send you a formal consent form and arrange for a copy of your tape to be included in the archive.)

If at any time you wish for your tape to be removed from the archive, this will be possible. Only tapes that are volunteered by those who were interviewed will be kept in the archive. Similarly, if you know of others who have recordings of their interviews with Michael, please can you let them know about this archive. If they are interested in contributing, then please ask them to contact us. Thank you!

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