Michael White, co-founder of narrative thearpy and Dulwich Centre, died on 4 April 2008. This page collects writings, speeches, and songs in honour of his memory.

Saying hullo again: Remembering Michael White, by David Epston

David Epston delivered this speech at the ‘Remembering Michael’ event at The Family Therapy Centre in Auckland, New Zealand on 23 May, 2008. It is provided here courtesy of the Journal of Systemic Therapies.

Click here to download the speech.

Michael White: Fragments of an event

This article, by John Winslade and Lorraine Hedtke, was published in the first issue of The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work after Michael's death. It is prefaced here by Cheryl White's editorial, as well as an introduction by David Epston.

Click here to download the article.

Speeches and songs: recordings from the memorial

The memorial was held at Dulwich Centre, 24 November 2008.

These speeches and songs were generously offered at this memorial service.

In addition to what is included here, welcoming speeches on behalf of Dulwich Centre were offered by Cheryl White and Carolyn Markey. Sue Park, Michael's sister, also gave a beautiful speech. Shona Russell introduced the young women, and a song was offered by Canadian friends.

Through the clouds: in memory

To play a song written in Michael's memory, click here.

If you’ve got a bicycle
Then we’d better ride it
How about we head up to the hills today?

And if you’ve got wings
Then we’d better use them
Do you want fly with me through the clouds today?

If there’s a pool
We’d better swim
How many laps shall we do today?

And where there is sorrow
If we’re listening
There’s more than one story we heard him say

Where there’s despair
If we’re listening
There’s more than one story we heard him say

Where there is fear
If we’re listening
There’s more than one story we hear him say

Lyrics and music by David Denborough


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Narrative therapy founder dies, ABC News, 7 Apr 2008

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