Что такое нарративная терапия? (What is Narrative Therapy)Элис Морган (Alice Morgan)
A framework for receiving and documenting testimonies of traumaDavid Denborough (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
Addressing sex in narrative therapy: Talking with heterosexual couples about sex, bodies, and relationshipsYael Gershoni, Saviona Cramer, & Tali Gogol-Ostrowsky (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
Building agency in the face of urban tragedy: A narrative counselling studyThomas Power (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
Community song writingDavid Denborough (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
Co-research: The making of an alternative knowledgeDavid Epston (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
Dancing with deathLorraine Hedtke (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
From isolation to community: Collaborating with children and families in times of crisisElizabeth Buckley & Philip Decter (translated by Alexandra Bochaver; translation edited by Daria Kutuzova)
How can you do this work?: Responding to questions about the experience of working with women who were subjected to child sexual abuseSue Mann (translated by Alexandra Bochaver; translation edited by Daria Kutuzova)
Less pain, more gain: Explorations of responses versus effects when working with the consequences of traumaAngel Yuen (translated by Sveltana Iablonskaia; translation edited by Daria Kutuzova)
Making sense of illness narratives: Braiding theory, practice and the embodied lifeKaethe Weingarten (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
'More me than we' – A story of identityLiz Caddy and N. (translated by Anna Olefir; translation edited by Daria Kutuzova)
Re-engaging with history: The absent but implicitMichael White (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
'Rescuing the said from the saying of it': Living documentation in narrative therapyDavid Newman (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
Saying hullo again: The incorporation of the lost relationship in the resolution of griefMichael White (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
The Tree of Life Project: Using narrative ideas in work with vulnerable children in Southern AfricaNcazelo Ncube (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
Using the 'failure conversations map' with couples experiencing fertility problemsRazi Schachar (translated by Daria Kutuzova)
Double-storied testimonies from Russian survivors of torture (An extract from a special issue of the Bulletin of the Russian human rights agency "Public Verdict Foundation". For more information contact: daria.kutuzova@gmail.com)
Языковая-справедливость (Language Justice: Narrative therapy on the fringes of Colombian magical realism)marcela polanco (translated by Dina Gala)
A storyline of collective narrative practice: a history of ideas, social projects and partnershipsDavid Denborough (translated by Polina Khoroshilova)
Travelling down the neuro-pathway: Narrative practice, neuroscience, bodies, emotions, and the affective turnDavid Denborough (translated by Polina Khoroshilova)


More resources

www.narrative.ru – official website of ‘The Moscow Centre for Narrative Psychology and Practice’

www.narrativepsy.narod.ruPost nonclassical Psychology: Journal of Social Constructionism and Narrative ApproachEditors: Daria Kutuzova and Philipp Barsky

http://community.livejournal.com/narratoria/ – Russian Narrative Community Discussion Board in Live Journal

http://narrlibrus.wordpress.com – Daria Kutuzova’s articles and abstracts about narrative approach (more information is at the bottom of this page)

www.livejournal.com/users/ru_narrative – personal blog of Natalia Savelieva about Narrative Therapy in Live Journal

www.livejournal.com/users/llynden – personal blog of Daria Kutuzova in LJ, find the tag: narrative


О нарративной практике, терапии и работе с сообществами

“О нарративной практике, терапии и работе с сообществами” – это самый полный в настоящее время русскоязычный Интернет-ресурс, содержащий более 100 публикаций, как переводных, так и написанных русскоязычными нарративными практиками. В этой электронной библиотеке представлены материалы, посвященные истории и теории нарративного подхода, его ценностям и принципам, работе с людьми с самым различным опытом. Ресурс постоянно пополняется. Проект придуман в 2009 году и реализуется Дарьей Кутузовой при содействии постепенно формирующейся команды волонтеров-переводчиков.

Каталог статей, размещенных в библиотеке, можно посмотреть здесь:


“About narrative practice, therapy and community work” is the largest and fullest narrative-related Internet-library in Russian. It contains more than 100 publications, translated from English as well as written originally in Russian by Russian narrative practitioners. In this e-library one can find articles about history and theory of narrative approach to therapy and community work, its values and principles, working with people with different kinds of life experience. The e-library is regularly updated. This project was designed and has been maintained by Daria Kutuzova, who translated the majority of the articles; recently she has been joined by a growing team of volunteer translators.

The catalogue of articles can be found here

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