Re-membering Conversations — Michael White


These two chapters, ‘Re-membering’ and ‘Re-membering and professional lives’ introduced the concept of re-membering into the therapeutic field. This notion provides possibilities for people to engage in a revision of the membership of their club of life. This is an engagment that provides people with the opportunity to have a greater say about the status of particular memberships – they can suspend or elevate, revoke or privilege, and downgrade or upgrade specific memberships of their lives. These writings explain this process and their significant implications for therapeutic practice. They extend on the influential ‘saying hullo paper’ and provide rich transcripts of re-membering conversations. the second chapter, provides significant explorations of how these conversations are relevant not only to clients but also to professionals. (These chapters total 72 pages and are extracted from the book ‘Narratives of Therapists’ Lives’, Dulwich Centre Publications 1997)