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Previous Issues

Issue 2 (1), 2010

EditorialJohn Winslade
Undercover Teams: Redefining reputations and transforming bullying relationships in the school communityMichael Williams
Developing a restorative school culture: The blending of a personal and professional 'pilgrimage'Kath Cronin-Lampe & Ron Cronin-Lampe
Ideas and questions for critical incident workWally McKenzie
Re-thinking the Kiwi bloke: Young men's stories of resistance to drinking alcohol as a way of performing masculinitySarah Penwarden
Making molehills into mountains: Adult responses to child sexuality and behaviourPaul Flanagan
Education as a 'line of flight'Mariel Avalos & John Winslade
Spreading the news: Therapeutic letters in the health care settingMaureen Frayling
Work with families that are homelessDaria Kutuzova
What I would be doing if I were with you! [Address to the Narrative Therapy as Contextual Practice in South Africa Conference, Cape Town, October 12/13, 2009]David Epston
Upcoming narrative therapy events
Equipos Clandestinos: Redefiniendo las reputaciones y transformando las relaciones de Bullying en la comunidad escolar (Spanish translation of ‘Undercover Teams: Redefining reputations and transforming bullying relationships in the school community’, by Michael Williams, published in this issue)Michael Williams; Traducción: Carolina Letelier, Edición y Revisión: Ítalo Latorre

Editorial team

Managing editor

John Winslade

General editors

Sekneh Beckett, Australia
Kathie Crocket, New Zealand
David Denborough, Australia
Daria Kutuzova, Russian Federation
David Pare, Canada
John Winslade, United States

Publishing representative

Cheryl White, Australia

Participating partners


Barcai Institute (Israel)  is a therapy centre for families, couples and individuals, as well as a training centre of narrative therapy and family and couple therapy.
Contact Yael Gershoni & Saviona Cramer | www.barcai.co.il

Bay Area Family Therapy Training Associates (USA) are a narrative training and therapy centre in Cupertino, California (since 1990), with a satellite office in San Francisco.
Contact Jeff Zimmerman (please put Dulwich Centre E-Journal in subject heading) | www.baftta.com

Bouverie Centre, Latrobe University (Australia) provides clinical work with families facing difficulties, as well as training and academic programs, including postgraduate courses in family therapy and narrative therapy.Naomi Rottem, a social worker and family therapist with an interest in narrative approaches to working with families, is a teacher of narrative therapy at The Bouverie Centre.
Contact Naomi Rottem | www.bouverie.org.au

Bridges (Canada) is a counselling and training centre which works to address domestic violence. The organisation uses a narrative therapy approach.
Contact Tod Augusta-Scott | www.bridgesinstitute.org

Cara House (Australia) is a centre for resilience and recovery in Sydney and has a team of full-time and part-time workers. Founded by Mary Jo McVeigh.
Contact Mary Jo McVeigh  | www.carahouse.com.au

Center for Narrative Practice (USA)  is a family therapy and training facility.
Contact Jodi Aman | www.centerfornarrativepractice.com

Charing Cross Narrative Therapy Centre (Australia) is based in Sydney and is an independent therapy practice and training centre. Started by David Newman, the centre offers counselling and supervision as well hosting and conducting training workshops in narrative practice.
Contact David Newman | www.charingcrossnarrativetherapy.com

Centre for Narrative Practice (UK) is co-directed by Anita Franklin and Hugh Fox, and offers training, workshops, supervision, consultation, counselling, therapy, etc., with families, family mediation, solution focussed work and narrative practice.
Contact Hugh Fox | www.narrativepractice.com

Clifton Centre (Australia) is an independent practice based in Melbourne and is interested in the ideas and practices of a narrative approach to therapeutic and community work. A significant part of the work members of Clifton Centre provide and support involves the provision of training. Work also involves establishing links with other groups and individuals to support a broad range of projects. We look forward to hearing from people interested to share parts of their work with a broader audience.
Contact Mark Gordon | www.cliftoncentre.com

Colectivo (Mexico) is a training organisation that seeks to explore and develop narrative practice in a Latin American context. Through workshops, collaboration with communities and therapeutic conversations, we aim to address issues such as gender-based violence, poverty, and environmental problems, among others. Colectivo aims to contribute to social activism and community building through the use of narrative ideas.
Contact Alfonso Diaz | www.colectivotn.org

Crescent: Centro de Estudos e Terapia da Família (Brazil) is focused on the study and research of family therapy that offers training programs/courses for professionals who work with families and couples, as well as maintains a social clinic where family therapy counselling is offered to couples and families.
Contact Marlene Simonetti | www.crescent.psc.br

Evanston Family Therapy Center (USA) is a not-for-profit organization, located in Evanston, Illinois, that has been providing training and consultation in narrative therapy for over twenty years, both locally and internationally.
Contact Jill Freedman & Gene Combs | www.narrativetherapychicago.com

Family-Centered Services Project (USA) in Watertown, Massachusetts, is an organisational change initiative dedicated to helping community and state agencies develop more respectful and responsive ways of interacting with clients and families through training, organisational consultation, and ongoing coaching and support.
Contact Bill Madsen | www.family-centeredservices.org

Family Strengthening Initiative of Southern Africa (South Africa) focuses on providing psychosocial support to families, and it assists families to cope with challenges and difficulties as well as to recover from traumatic events through counselling and other family preservation initiatives. The organisation is newly registered and is based in Johannesburg.
Contact Ncazelo Ncube

Family Therapy Centre (New Zealand) A narrative therapy and training centre in Auckland.
Contact David Epston (Co-director) | www.familycentre.org.nz

Glebe Institute (Canada) includes a community of counsellors and family therapists in Ottawa who specialise in constructive, collaborative and competence-based approaches to counselling and therapy. The Institute offers counselling services, supervision, and practitioner training.
Contact David Pare (Director) | www.glebeinstitute.com

Hallym University (South Korea). The Graduate School of Social Welfare, Hallym University, Chuncheon, South Korea runs a Family Therapy Major Program which provides classes and international workshops on narrative therapy for couples and families, children and adolescents, and groups.
Contact Dr. Nam-Soon Huh or Dr. Yun-Soon Koh | ssw.hallym.ac.kr

Humboldt State University, Dept. of Social Work (USA) is located on the north coast of California where the Redwood Forest meets the Pacific Ocean. They offer undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (MSW) social work programs with an emphasis in working with Native American and rural communities.
Contact Ronnie Swartz | www.humboldt.edu/~swp

Interfaci (Brazil) is an institute founded in 1988 by Marilene Grandesso. The team also includes Liz Verônica Vercillo Luisi, Márcia Moreira Volponi, Milena Cartacho de Souza, and Sandra Regina Grandesso. Our field of work involves narrative and collaborative practices in different contexts:  clinical, community, teaching, and research. Since 2006, Marilene has coordinated a study group of systematic studies and narrative practice. INTERFACI  also coordinate an International Certificate in Collaborative Practice in conjunction with Houston Galveston Institute and Taos Institute. Contact Marilene Grandesso | www.interfaci.com.br

Kenwood Therapy Center (USA) is a Narrative Therapy based, multidisciplinary therapy centre and training centre in Minneapolis, providing individual, couple, family, organisational and community consultations for a wide variety of concerns and advanced clinical training for all counselling professions. Director: Walter Bera, Ph.D.
Contact Annie Douglas and Jane Carlson | www.kenwoodcenter.org

La Fabrique Narrative (France). Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun works as a consultant and counsellor with narrative ideas in the profit and non-profit organisations. Founding Partner of the Atlantic Human Resources Cooperative, and also a founding member of the European Coaching Association, he has written several books and papers on being the author of one's life at work.
Contact Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun | www.cooprh.com/fabrique-narrative

Macquarie University, Social Health Program, Dept. of Psychology (Australia) is a postgraduate counselling course with a strong focus on narrative therapy. It is suitable for allied health professionals, counsellors and case workers. Contact Adriana Glusman |www.psy.mq.edu.au

Massey University (New Zealand). The Postgraduate Diploma in Discursive Therapies at the Massey University uses the internet to deliver courses that are contributed by our partners and collaborators from: the Taos Institute (Ken Gergen, Mary Gergen); The Family Centre, Wellington (Charles Waldegrave, Kiwi Tamasese, Maria Maniapoto); the Houston-Galveston Institute; academics such as John Shotter, Rom Harre; and many more.We teach an academic program (rather than a practical one) that combines world renowned academics and practitioners who seek to explore the foundations of the 3rd wave in therapy. Limited scholarships are available.
Contact Andy Lock | therapy.massey.ac.nz

Mt Elgon Self-Help Community Project (Uganda) is an organisation that supports orphans and other vulnerable children in the context of their families and communities in Bumbo, Bumwoni sub-county, and its neighbourhood in Manafwa District. Working with familiies, faith-based and grassroot initiatives, this project holds at its heart the wellbeing of children, especially those made vulnerable by the effects of poverty, conflict and disease.
Contact Caleb Wakhungu (Team Leader) | www.elgonproject.org

Moscow Centre for Narrative Psychology and Practice (Russia) is interested to participate in the project.
Contact Natalia Savelieva

Narrativa Brasil (Brasil) is run by Consuelo and Alcides Brum. The organisations main objective is to support those interested in understanding and developing narrative practice through seminar, book publication, and real time meeting where narrative subjects are discussed and further developed. Consuelo is a clinical psychologist with more than 15 years experience, and for 10 of those years she has been using the narrative approach extensively.
Contact Consuelo & Alcides Brum | www.narrativabrasil.com.br

Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto (Canada) has provided training and supervision in narrative therapy and collective practices since 2004.Their core faculty is pleased to be connected to, and a part of a larger community of narrative practitioners both locally and internationally.
Contact Angel Yuen | www.narrativetherapycentre.com

Narrative Training (UK) is based in Cornwall and runs intensive courses in narrative practice at Levels 1 & 2 in UK and Ireland, together with bespoke trainings, supervision and workshops.
Contact Mark Hayward | www.narrativetraining.co.uk

Narrative Training Centre (Australia) is based in Melbourne and runs 12 week introduction to narrative therapy courses twice a year, an 8 week extending narrative practice course once a year, as well as a variety of professional educational workshops with visiting narrative practitioners/teachers.
Contact Ron Schweitzer, Helen Wirtz, or Christine Fagan | www.narrative.com.au

Newcastle University, School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences (UK)  runs a Doctorate in Educational Psychology which provides training in narrative therapy, and offers other training in narrative therapy to a range of practitioners.
Contact Liz Todd | www.ncl.ac.uk/ecls/staff/profile/liz.todd

Nova Southeastern University (USA), in Florida, offers a masters degree and two doctoral degrees in family therapy. Narrative is prominent within these programs, along with other approaches influenced by social constructionism, and poststructuralist thought.
Contact Jim Hibel | www.nova.edu

Nucleo de Estudos das Terapias (Salvador, Brazil) began its activities in 1997.  Under the coordination of Margarida Rego and Maria Angela Teixeira, Nucleo de Estudos das Terapias provides workshops, seminars, meetings, events, courses, study groups, and related activities, in order to promote the training and supervision of therapists working with individuals, families, and groups.
Contact Maria Angela Teixeira | www.nucleodeestudosdasterapias.com.br

Oolgen Community Services (Canada) is a public agency in Toronto for young people and their families. For the past decade, Oolagen has employed a narrative approach in its counseling, school and residential programs and interagency initiatives with child protection services and other community organizations.Oolagen is a teaching centre for the University of Toronto and provides training and consultation in narrative therapy and collective practices for students, other colleagues and public agencies.
Contact Ruth Pluznick | www.oolagen.org

Pranas (Chile). PrácticasNarrativas Santiago of Chile develops and diffuses narrative practices in Chile and Latin America, through a social network in which projects, texts, and practice in process are shared.
Contact Ítalo Latorre and Carolina Letelier | www.practicasnarrativas.com, social network: www.pranaschile.org

Prácticas Narrativas Santiago (de Chile), tiene como propósito el desarrollo y la difusión de las ideas y prácticas narrativas en Chile y Latinoamérica a través de una red social en la cual se comparten trabajos, proyectos, textos, prácticas en proceso, etc.
Contacto Ítalo Latorre and Carolina Letelier | www.practicasnarrativas.com, red social: www.pranaschile.org

Pronto Seminars (Italy) provides educational workshops (Continuing Education) in Italy featuring internationally respected authors and presenters.
Contact Ron Pilato | www.italyseminars.com

Quesem Center (Israel) is a group of narrative therapists co-directed by Yishai Shalif and Rachel Paran. The center's goal is to teach, facilitate, supervise and consult groups, organisations, individuals and families in narrative therapy, appreciative inquiry and care-full listening and conversation for dialogue between multicultural groups.
Contact Yishai Shalif.

Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center (USA) is a counselling centre for the LGBT community in Sacramento, California, and offers training in narrative therapy and working with the LGBTQ community.
Contact David Nylund | www.nylundandtilsen.com

Sistemas Humanos: a Systemic Consultation Centre (Colombia) is directed by Eduardo Villar, a medical doctor and a systemic therapist. Eduardo is also the director of the master program in 'Intervention in Sistemas Humanos' with Universidad Central in Bogota.
Contact Eduardo Villar or Jeannette Samper | www.sistemashumanos.com.co | www.ucentral.edu.co

Terapia Narrative Coyoacan (Mexico) is a group of therapists established in Mexico City, whose main interest is sharing and spreading narrative ideas in Mexico and over the world.
Contact Leticia Uribe and Alejandra Usabiaga | www.terapianarrativacoyoacan.com | terapianarrativacoyoacan.blogspot.co.nz

The Narrative Centre (Australia) is a ten-year-old independent service in Hobart,Tasmania, where a small group of workers engage in narrative practices including therapeutic counselling, supervision, conferencing and group work. It is also a teaching centre offering training in narrative practices throughout Tasmania.
Contact Chris Wever | www.thenarrativecentre.com.au

The Salem Center for Therapy, Training and Research (USA) is in Massachusetts, and has a narrative therapy training program that has been developed to carry forward and extend on Michael White's work and teaching.
Contact Stephen Gaddis (Director) | www.thesalemcenter.org

The Witnessing Project (USA) is located in Newton, Massachusetts, and offers training to individuals, groups and communities wishing to turn the passive witnessing of violence and violation to safe and empowered witnessing.
Contact Kaethe Weingarten, Ph.D. (founder & director) | www.witnessingproject.org

Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture (Palestinian Territories). Nihaya Abu-Rayyan is a social worker at the Center and provides consultation/supervision for other colleagues who work in narrative therapy, as well as group and individual therapy for adults and young people.
Contact Nihaya Abu-Rayyan | www.trc-pal.org/en

University of Kwa-Zulu, Department of Psychology  (South Africa). Clinical psychologists training at the Dept. serve their internships at the King George V Hospital Psychiatric Unit where they are introduced to narrative therapy theory and practice, and where they have the opportunity to observe therapy sessions and participate in group therapy using narrative therapy techniques and formulation.
Contact Thirusha Naidu | www.ukzn.ac.za

University of Waikato, Counsellor Education Program (New Zealand), has a history of teaching narrative practice over nearly two decades, in which masters and doctoral students develop narrative practice skills, and research, and are well-grounded in post-structuralist theories.
Contact Dr Elmarie Kotze (Dept. of Human Development & Counselling) | www.waikato.ac.nz

Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy (Vancouver) was set up by Stephen Madigan in 1992 through Yaletown Family Therapy in Vancouver. This was the first narrative therapy training clinic in the northern hemisphere and is a centre of therapy, teaching, and writing, and hosts therapeutic practice conferences (now named Therapeutic Conversations). There is an emphasis on finding the congruent fit between poststructural, post-colonial, queer, feminist theory and social justice issues, within a questioning practice of narrative therapy.
Contact Stephen Madigan | www.yaletownfamilytherapy.com 


Andrew Duggan (UK) is a university lecturer who practices and teaches narrative therapy. He offers training to a wide range of health, social and educational organisations and professionals, and has a particular interest and experience in using the approach with children and adolescents.
Contact Andrew

Angela Tsun On-kee (Hong Kong)  works within the Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University. Angela loves working with narrative ideas and practices.
Contact Angela

Anne Kathrine Loge (Norway) lives in a small town in southern Norway and works as a family therapist in a public family counselling office. She also runs her own firm called Narrativ Praksis.Sir where she teaches, trains and supervises narrative practice.
Contact Anne Kathrine

Carlos Chimpen (Argentina) has, since 2005, been working at the River Plate Adventist University that is situated in Libertador San Martin in Entre Rios, Argentina, where he is the director of a masters course in counselling and a professor of personality psychology.
Contact Carlos

Carlos Clavijo (Chile) is the co-ordinator of the clinical psychology masters degree at the Universidad de Valparaiso. This program teaches narrative ideas and practices in psychotherapy, and encourages students to develop research in the theoretical discussion, methodological development and application of narrative and social constructionist ideas. Carlos also works with gender violence issues in a men's program.
Contact Carlos

Charley Lang (USA) is a narrative therapist in Los Angeles where he is also Chair of the Psychology Concentration at Antioch University, and Director of the Postmodern Therapy Training Program at the California Family Counseling Center .He consults, trains and supervises through his company NarrativeSolutions, in which he partners with Lynne Rosen and Lucy Cotter.
Contact Charley | www.narrativesolutions.com

Christopher Behan  (USA) is an independent practitioner based in Portland, Maine, and consults with large organisations in the US and abroad, primarily state-run agencies working in child welfare and juvenile justice, and with NGOs who provide services to children and families.
Contact Christopher

Dean Lobovits (USA) is an independent practitioner in Berkeley, California, who, along with David Epston and Jennifer Freeman, publishes narrativeapproaches.com, a website devoted to narrative practice. Dean is on the faculty of John F. Kennedy University and chairs the Ethics Committee of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Contact Dean | www.narrativeapproaches.com

Elize Morkel (South Africa) is a psychologist in private practice in Somerset West, just outside of Cape Town, and has been involved in training and supervision of narrative therapy since 1999 in four university masters programs as well as with colleagues from a diversity of contexts and disciplines.
Contact Elize | www.elizemorke.co.za

Elmarie Kotze (New Zealand) teaches in the Counsellor Education Program at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, and has taught narrative practice and supervised research projects in a number of contexts.
Contact Elmarie

Gaye Stockell (Australia) is a psychologist working in an independent practice in Sydney where she meets with individuals, couples and families as well as other workers for supervision. She also facilitates workshops, seminars and university electives. It's been more than twenty years now that Gaye has been interested in exploring narrative therapy, and she continues to be inspired by its ideas and practices.
Contact Gaye | www.ausntc.com.au

Geir Lundby (Norway) is a writer and teacher of narrative practice in Scandinavia. He works with children and their families at a child and adolescent outpatient clinic in a small town east of Oslo, and is also head of the narrative practice department at The Regional Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Oslo.
Contact Geir

Hugo Kamya (USA) is a professor at the Simmons College School of Social Work in Boston, MA, and has a commitment to collaborative family services. His work involves both national and international projects with families and children that have been affected by war and HIV/AIDS, and he also consults with organisations on providing culturally responsive practices with a commitment to social justice issues.
Contact Hugo

Ian Percy (Australia) is based in Perth, Western Australia, and is a therapist, supervisor, consultant, trainer and published author in narrative approaches.
Contact Ian

Josie McSkimming (Australia) is in private practice in Bondi Junction in Sydney, has been an active practitioner of narrative therapy for approx 18 years, and also teaches narrative therapy in Sydney.
Contact Josie

Julie Tilsen (Canada) is a therapist, consultant and trainer interested in queer theory, popular culture's influence on identity development, radical youthwork, and liberatory pedagogy, and is affiliated with the University of Winnipeg. Contact Julie | www.nylundandtilsen.com

Lisa Berndt (USA) is a member of Bay Area Partnerships for Social Justice, and works as a licensed clinical social worker who offers narrative therapy and consultation to families, trainees and organisations. Her primary work setting is the Center for the Vulnerable Child, at Children's Hospital & Research Center in Oakland, California, where she is a program manager, therapist and clinical supervisor in the CORE and SPARK Programs that offer support to children and families facing homelessness. Her published articles have focused on the connection of history, power, and clinical practice.
Contact Lisa

Marcela Polanco (USA) (originally from Bogota, Colombia) lives in Florida and is on the counsellor team of the Student Counseling Center at the Nova Southeastern University, as well as an adjunct professor of the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences at the same university. She also serves as a consultant for a social services agency that provides attention to children and their families. In addition to Marcela's interests on the practice of narrative in therapeutic and wider contexts as a response to social injustices, she is also interested in the migration of narrative ideas into other contexts, particularly those in which Spanish is their main domain.
Contact Marcela

Maria Angela Teixeira (Brasil) is a teacher at a postgraduate and training course of family therapy in Brasil.
Contact Maria Angela

Marilyn O'Neill (Australia) works in independent practice near North Sydney and over two decades has been passionate in her teaching, supervision, counselling and writing, about the use of narrative ideas in many areas of counselling and community work.
Contact Marilyn | www.ausntc.com.au

Rick Cote (USA) is an adjunct professor with Eastern Washington University in the department of Social Work and Human Resources. He teaches a range of courses including the occasional "Advanced Narrative Therapy" program.
Contact Rick

Szymon Chrzastowski (Poland) is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, Warsaw University. He specialises in family and couple therapy and finds systemic and narrative approaches particularly inspiring.
Contact Szymon | www.psychoterapeuta.com.pl/aboutme.html

Victoria Dickerson (USA) is a clinician in private practice in Los Gatos, California, and is also an adjunct lecturer in the masters program in clinical psychology at San Jose State University. She is active with the American Family Therapy Academy.
Contact Vicki


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