As practitioners engage with the Team of Life in different contexts, various innovations are emerging.

Cricket Team of Life in India

The Team of Life approach is readily adapted to different sports. Recently, a Cricket Team of Life approach was developed for use with vulnerable children and young people in India. Read more about this here:



Using a felt blanket team sheet

teamoflife14 Here Wally Malbunka from Ntaria / Hermannsburg is using a felt team sheet in order to facilitate Team of Life conversations.

Exchanges of knowledge about tackling problems between Brazil and Australia

teamoflife15 Over the last 18 months men in Brazil in a drug rehabilitation centre called Cer-Homens have been exchanging knowledge about tackling problems with Aboriginal Australian men in central Australia.

Collective documents

teamoflife16 Team Pulgi is a group of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal men who have gone through the Team of Life process and created this collective document which they are happy to share with others. If you could like to send them a response you can do so c/o Dulwich Centre or via Matt.

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