Bringing the gaze to peri-natal depression by Amanda Worrall

This video talks about a co-research project where Amanda invited women to reflect on what they perceive to be some of the causes of perinatal depression. Interesting insights were shared. Important insider knowledge also emerged that highlighted some of the antidotes that they have discovered that have been successful in reducing or eliminating the presence of depression in their lives. The wisdom and insights women share continue to inspire, encourage and move Amanda. This video is dedicated to everyone she has had the privilege to work with.



Amanda works for the Perinatal Mental Health Service in Central Australia. She feels incredibly blessed to be working closely with women from a range of cultures, traditions and backgrounds.



Note from Amanda: early in the talk, I state that the treatment of choice for perinatal depression is therapy and/or therapy, what I meant to say was medication and/or therapy. Please forgive my slip up!

Published on 29 March 2019. 

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  1. Sarah

    Hi Amanda,
    I work with parents in the peri/post-natal period, and I have found your presentation inspiring. I appreciated the way the conversation led to the preferred outcome and the realisation of honoring whatever experience presents itself in the moment, including developing assistance codes from an empowerment position.
    Thank you.

  2. Simone

    Dear Amanda,

    I am working as a musictherapist in clinicum for patients with depressions. Soon also with women after giving birth. (sometimes with the child, sometimes without)
    I would like to use writing more often in therapy. with music, it would also be possible to create their own songs..for themselves or for the baby.
    I would very much appreciate, if you could give me some some very practical advice to implement into musictherapy. Thank you for this inspiring video!

    Simone, 50years, musictherapist in switzerland

    1. Charlotte England

      Dear Simone, Your work sounds sounds great … and I will forward your comment to Amanda. You also might like to have a look at the page

  3. Linda

    Thanks so much for this video. I was concerned about how to incorporate Narrative work within the postpartum/perinatal work we do. What have you found most helpful. I am working with women daily who suffer PPD.

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