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Free articles by Michael White

Reflecting teamwork as definitional ceremony‘ (first published in Re-authoring lives: interviews and essays (Adelaide, Australia: Dulwich Centre Publications)) introduced the ideas of Barbara Myerhof and definitional ceremony to narrative practice, which led to outsider-witness practices.

Workshop notes, including:

  • Externalising conversations exercise
  • Statement of position maps 1 & 2
  • Therapeutic posture
  • Re-authoring conversations
  • Re-membering conversations
  • Definitional ceremony and outsider-witness
  • Attending to the consequences of trauma
  • Distinctions between traditional & modern power
  • Addressing personal failure

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Magazine articles and radio features about Michael White and narrative therapy

Michael White – complete bibliogpraphy

This section presents a complete list of Michael White’s writings. If we have missed anything out, please contact us.


Journal articles

  • White, M. (2005). Children, trauma and subordinate storyline development. The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, No.3&4. 
  • White, M. (2004). Working with people who are suffering the consequences of multiple trauma: A narrative perspective.The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, No.1. 
  • White, M. (2003). Narrative practice and community assignments. The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, No.2.
  • White, M. (2002). Journey metaphors. The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, No.4.
  • White, M. (2002). Addressing personal failure. The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, No.3.
  • White, M. (2001): Folk psychology and narrative practice. Dulwich Centre Journal, No.2.
  • White, M. (2001). Narrative practice and the unpacking of identity conclusions. Gecko: A Journal of Deconstruction and Narrative Ideas in Therapeutic Practice, (1), 28-55.
  • White, M. (1999). Reflecting-team work as definitional ceremony revisited. Gecko: A Journal of Deconstruction and Narrative Ideas in Therapeutic Practice, (2), 55-82.
  • White, M. (1997): Challenging the culture of consumption: Rites of passage and communities of acknowledgement.Dulwich Centre Newsletter, Nos.2&3.
  • White, M. (1997). Comportamenti e loro determinanti o azioni e loro senso. Metafore sistemiche e narrative. Connessioni Centro Milanese di Terapia della Famiglia no 1.
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    –      Reprinted in S. Gilligan (Ed.), Therapeutic conversations. New York: W.W.Norton.
    –      Reprinted in 1997 in Flemish in Migerode, L. & Rober, P.(Eds.), Conversaties en Verhalen. Netherlands: Garant.
    –      Reprinted in 1998 in French in Cahiers E. Godbeter-Merinfeld (Ed.), Paris, Brusxelles: De Boeck Universit (Constructivisme et Constructionisme Social: Auz Limites de la Systemique).
    –      Reprinted in 1997 in German in Herausgegeben von Jochen Schweitzer, Arnold Retzer und Hans Rudi Fischer (Eds.) Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp Taschenbuch. Wissenschaft Systemische Praxis und Postmoderne.
  • White, M., & Epston, D. (1991). A conversation about AIDS and dying. Dulwich Centre Newsletter, No.2.
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  • White, M. (1988/89). The externalizing of the problem and the re-authoring of lives and relationships. Dulwich Centre Newsletter, Summer.
    –      Translated and reprinted in Swedish, Spanish and Italian publications.
  • White, M. (1988). Saying hullo again: The incorporation of the lost relationship in the resolution of grief. Dulwich Centre Newsletter, Spring.
  • White, M. (1988). The process of questioning: A therapy of literary merit. Dulwich Centre Newsletter, Winter.
    –      Reprinted in German as ‘Der Vorgang der Befragung: ein literarisch wertvolle therapie?’ Familiendynamik, 14 (2) , 1989.
  • White, M. (1988). Assumptions and therapy. Dulwich Centre Newsletter, Autumn.
  • White, M. (1987). Family therapy and schizophrenia: Addressing the ‘in-the-corner’ lifestyleDulwich Centre Newsletter, Spring.
  • White, M. (1986). Couple therapy: Urgency for sameness or appreciation of difference. Dulwich Centre Newsletter, Summer.
    –      Reprinted in Family Therapy Journal, Argentina, 1988.
  • White, M. (1986). The conjoint therapy of men who are violent and the women with whom they live. Dulwich Centre Newsletter, Spring.
  • White, M. (1986). Family escape from trouble. Case Studies, 1(1).
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    –      Reprinted in 1994 in Journal of Child and Youth Care, Vol.9 No.2, Canada.
  • White, M. (1986). Anorexia nervosa: A cybernetic perspective. In J. Elka-Harkaway (Ed.) Eating disorders and family therapy. New York: Aspen.
    –      Reprinted in Dulwich Centre Review, 1986.
  • White, M. (1986). Negative explanation, restraint and double description: A template for family therapy. Family Process, 25(2).
  • White, M. (1985). Fear busting and monster taming: An approach to the fears of young children. Dulwich Centre Review.
    –      Reprinted in German as Kinderangste und familiare Interaktion. Familiendynamik, 1986.
  • White, M. & Epston, D. (1985). Consulting your consultants’ consultants. Melbourne, V.A.F.T.
  • White, M. (1984). Pseudo-encopresis: From avalanche to victory, from vicious to virtuous cycles. Family Systems Medicine, 2(2)
    –      Reprinted in Family Therapy Journal, Argentina.
  • White, M. (1984). Marital therapy: Practical approaches to long-standing problems. The Australian Journal of Family Therapy, 4(1).
    –      Reprinted in Familiendynamik, West Germany, 1985.
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