Peer Narrative Practice: Learning Together and Working Side by Side by Hamilton Kennedy

This video explores the experience of combining two different therapeutic approaches, Narrative Therapy and Intentional Peer Support. It aims to explore the huge value of the peer relationship. The peer relationship is when both or all parties in the relationship have had some similar or like experience. It follows Hamilton’s experiencing of implementing peer narrative practice with people like Hamilton, that is young people who have been admitted, often forcibly, to psychiatric hospital. 

It asks of us to consider; is there merit to establishing a more equal relationship? Should the places we work for have peer workers? What is possible when there is a peer relationship? 


Hamilton is a consumer academic at the University of Melbourne. Hamilton has also been a consumer peer support worker in a youth psychiatric hospital. This means they are employed on the basis of their experience of what’s commonly known as ‘mental illness’. Hamilton considers themselves crazy. This makes possible the work they do. 

Published on 1 March 2019. 
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