Practices of welcome by Aunty Barbara Wingard & Stories from Christmas Island: Working with asylum seekers and survivors of torture by Pohlin Lee

This video features two presentations from the opening session of the recent 11th International Narrative Therapy and Community Work Conference, organised by Dulwich Centre, that took place in Adelaide, Australia from 6-8 March 2013.

Aunty Barbara Wingard, senior Kaurna Elder, welcomes participants to Kaurna land and tells stories from her own life to demonstrate the significance of practices of welcome. She particularly relates this to the experience of those seeking refuge in Australia as asylum seekers.

Pohlin Lee works as a narrative therapist on Christmas Island, which is where people who are seeking asylum in Australia and arrive by boat are detained while their claims are processed by the Australian Government. In this presentation, Pohlin shares stories of her work with survivors of torture and trauma and the significance of ‘making now precious’.


Published April 25, 2013
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