Passion, desire, fun and justice: Ideas and stories from the editorial team of Balaknama, a newspaper for and by street and working children — Sanno, Shambhu, Deepak, Jyoti and Kishan


Narrative practitioners interviewed editors and reporters from Balaknama, a newspaper that is determined to honour the stories and experiences of street
and working children. The Balaknama team shared their passion for bringing to light the strengths and skills of street children, and their hopes and dreams, in addition to reporting stories of the hardships faced by young people living on the streets. The team also shared some of the practices they have developed to sustain their work, to build rapport with other street children, to invite previously untold stories, and to protect the safety of reporters and those whose stories they tell, which sometimes extends to working with a whole family. The editor of Balaknama can be contacted at