Name: Somayeh Sadat McKian


City or region: Iran

Phone: 00989121868311

Particular interests and hopes for connection: My particular interests in narrative theory and narrative therapy originates from the period when I worked as a researcher on my Master thesis from [2007 to 2010] and as a Registered Member of Psychology and Counseling Organization of I.R. Iran (PCO) in my privet clinic in Tehran. I was curios how life narratives can affect our health. My master thesis is about “The efficacy of Narrative Therapy on Body Image and Body Mass Index in Iranian Overweight and Obese Women”. This particular findings driven my desire to develop my research in this area of expertise. As the master project has been a success, I have decided to continue my researches. I have conducted research projects in the fields of "Evaluation of metaphors (life and self) in obese and overweight people compared with people of normal weight" and "Fat and Sugar Rich Dietary Pattern Is Associated with Negative Metaphorical Statement in Metabolically Healthy Overweight and Obese Men and Women."

In addition, I am interested in literary reading, embodied cognition and metaphor.

Since this is continuously evolving area, I feel there is need for ongoing upgrade of skills and knowledge.

I hope to connect with people who care about similar.

Meet with visitors: Yes

Receive referrals: Yes

Teaching/supervision: Yes