Poverty, conflict, and disease are like ‘clouds’ that encircle our communities. We must find ways to raise our heads above the clouds and work towards the world we hope for …

Dulwich Centre Foundation is excited to be present the work of The Mt Elgon Self-Help Community Project, based in rural Uganda, which uses narrative practices to spark and sustain local social action and environmental and economic projects.

This video contains some of the stories of the Mt Elgon project and its outcomes.

We think this work is vitally relevant for:

  • social and community workers
  • aid and development workers and organisations
  • policy-makers and funders interested in supporting locally-developed, culturally-appropriate programs which are both highly effective and sustainable.

If you have any comments on this video, please email us at foundation@dulwichcentre.com.au.

The work of the the Mt Elgon Self-Help Community Project is documented further in the publication Raising our heads above the clouds: The use of narrative practices to motivate social action and economic development. This booklet contains the principles Mt Elgon are employing; examples of the methodologies; and ideas for how workers and organisations in other contexts can develop their own effective practices.

It also contains an overview of key narrative principles as described by Michael White in a workshop taught in Uganda.

Spanish translation: Alzando nuestras cabezas por encima de las nubes

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