• Surviving Juvenile Justice: Imagination, Kindness and a Toasted Sandwich— David Denborough Quick View

    This interview with Belinda who spent much of her late childhood within juvenile justice institutions describes her experiences in these places and the ways in which imagination and occasional acts of kindness made all the difference. It is hoped that this interview will be of relevance to other young people who are currently within juvenile justice settings, and to those adults who previously spent time within them. It is also hoped that it will be relevant to those working with young people as it clearly demonstrates the significant differences that caring workers can make. The interviewer was David Denborough.

  • Narrative therapy approaches in single-session trauma work — Amelia Batrouney Quick View

    This paper outlines opportunities to incorporate narrative approaches in single-session telephone counselling, with a particular focus on working with women who have experienced sexual violence. Practices described include externalising the problem, deconstruction, re-authoring, double listening, double-story development and re-membering conversations.

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